How to Use this Site


Any Text Search

Enter a word in the AnyText box to conduct a free text search. If you enter more than one word in a box the search will look for the words as they occur in a phrase.  

Advanced Search

If there is more than one word you wish to search for, separate the terms by a space, then select ‘and’, ‘or’ options. You can also search for exact phrases by selecting the ‘phrase’ option.  In ‘field options’ you can find records which match any or all of the search fields.

If you know the reference number of the archive or manuscript you are seeking, enter this (e.g. EUL MS 14, or just 14).

Wildcard searching (*) allows for uncertainty. For instance, searching on bell* will bring up records relating to Frances Bellerby and to John Betjeman’s ‘Summoned by Bells’.


You can enter dates and date ranges in the search boxes.  Please use full four-digit dates (e.g. ‘1901-1910 not ‘1901-10’).

Widen, Narrow and Exclude:

To modify the hit-list, use the buttons in the following way:


Extends an existing results list to also include those records that match those specified.


Contracts an existing results list so that it only contains those specified.


Removes records from the original results list which do not match the second search term. For instance, searching on ‘salmon’ <Search> followed by ‘Salar‘ <Exclude> will leave only two documents in the archive matching the first term but not including the second.


You can navigate through the pages in several ways.  Click on the ‘Back’ or ‘Forward’ buttons on your web browser to move through search pages. To navigate through the lists of results, use the following navigation buttons:

 Click on ‘1 page >’, ‘1 page <’ to move one page forward or back

 Click on ‘10 pages >’, ’10 pages <’ to move ten pages forward or back

 Click on ‘first page’, ‘last page’ to navigate between the beginning and the end of the results list.

Comments and Suggestions

We welcome your comments and suggestions. If you would like to offer feedback on your experience of using the catalogue, or make suggestions to improve it, please contact us at