RepositoryBill Douglas Centre Archives (GB 2869)
Ref NoBDC 5/37/3
Alt Ref NoMackay part 2; 2/7
ExtentOne File
TitleProject file for projects by Paul Bettell
DescriptionThis file is in three sections:

'Illegal Tender':
a 14 minute short made in 1988 by Paul Bettell and 'Hungry Pictures'; in this file is a brief summary of the film; Paul Bettell's CV; List of 'Illegal Tender''s screenings;
form regarding the inclusion of 'illegal tender' in a new Greater London Arts cataglogue;

'Fear of Nothing':
This short project tells the story of a young gay man living in London and his experiences during one night. It didn't go beyond script-stage.
First draft of screenplay;
Handwritten and typed copies of budget;
Application form for funding from the BFI;
Storyboard for end sequence of 'Fear of Nothing';
Correspondence regarding funding for 'Fear of Nothing';
Production schedule and budget;
Summary of project;

'Deflatable Man':
A short film based on Tristan Tzara's 'Seven Dada Manifestos', produced in 1989.
The file includes: Treatment for the film, including storyboard and summary;
CV for Paul Bettell;
Handwritten and typed copies of budget;
form regarding the inclusion of 'deflatable man' in a new Greater London Arts cataglogue;
Production schedule / budget;
Entry form to the Berlin International Film Festival;
Correspondence between Basilisk and Studio Film Labs concerning the completion of a print of 'Deflatable man'; Mackay expresses concerns about the quality of the print and problems with it;
Correspondence relating to the off-line edit, by the Editor's Collective, of the film in time for the Berlin Festival;
Correspondence between Mackay and greater London Arts and the film's first screening;
Correspondence with Channel 4 regarding their showing of the film (no further information on that);

The file also contains miscellaneous documents on 'Deflatable Man' and 'Illegal Tender', regarding copies of the films;
Call for Entries for London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival;
Frameline Distribution Report, with invoice for lab costs for 'Illegal Tender';
Royalty statement from Frameline Distribution Manager detailing Rental of 'Illegal Tender' by Columbia College (payment 50% of $40 = $20);
Licensing and hiring of 'The Deflatable Man' by Chelsea College of Art and Design;
Correspondence regarding the inclusion of Paul Bettell's films in the new catalogue (1997) for Frameline ('the world's source for lesbian and gay film, video and alternative media')
FormatPrinted material
Access StatusOpen
Creator_NameMackay; James (1954- ); producer
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