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Ref NoBDC 5/78
Datec 1994-2001
Extent1 Box
TitleAcademic material; treatments; papers relating to Daybreak Films Ltd. and Derek Jarman
DescriptionVertigo, volume 2 number 4, Spring 2003: foreword by Tilda Swinton, taken from her Vertigo-sponsored address given at the 2002 Edinburgh International Film Festival; Tilda addresses the extract to Derek Jarman, and mentions 'Jubilee' (Jarman, 1978), his legacy, the challenges facing the film industry, and solutions to them.

Loose papers, various [c 1996-2001]: accountants' correspondence regarding budget breakdowns for Daybreak Films Ltd., including the company's registered office; a photocopy of a 'Daybreak' (Rudden, 2000) film poster, with handwritten notes about colour and presentation; Daybreak Films Ltd. cost of production report for 'Daybreak'; fax cover sheet to Daybreak Films Ltd. regarding 'Daybreak'; correspondence from Media and Entertainment Insurance Services.

Blue book [date unknown]: University of Genoa, Faculty of Foreign Language and Literatures; Anna Shorgi's thesis, roughly translated from the Italian as "Artist and Society in the England of Jarman"; references to 'Jubilee', 'The Tempest' (Jarman, 1979), 'Caravaggio' (Jarman, 1986), 'The Last of England' (Jarman, 1997), 'War Requiem' (Jarman, 1989), 'The Garden' (Jarman, 1990), and 'Blue' (Jarman, 1993).

Yellow folder [c 2000]: information relating to the production of 'Sweetmeats'/'The Secret of Eternal Youth' (date unknown); Film Four correspondence; treatment for 'Sweetmeats'; sample script from 'The Secret of Eternal Youth' and a letter from the writers about the title change; the Development Agreement from Film Four; correspondence from Daybreak Films Ltd. to the writers; first draft script in full (2000).

Loose papers: papers relating to 'Glitterbug' (Jarman, 1994, including a synopsis of the film; Jarman's biography and popular works; information on the composer for 'Glitterbug, Brian Eno; information on Mackay as the producer; information on the editor, Andy Crabb; information on the associate director, David Lewis; contractual credits; Jarman's voiceover script with timings; press release; six photocopies of articles about Derek Jarman and 'Glitterbug', written in both Italian and English [c 1994].

Standard Text Chart.

Christmas card from 'Christopher' to James Mackay.

Note from Jeffrey Bledsoe of Forum des images.
LanguageEnglish, Italian
Access StatusOpen
Creator_NameMackay, James (1954-); producer
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