RepositorySpecial Collections Archives (GB 0029)
Ref NoBDC 5/81
Datec 1981-2002
Extent1 box
TitlePapers relating to Daybreak Films Ltd. and Derek Jarman; musical correspondence
DescriptionBrown folder [c 1981]: multiple magazine clippings about 'In the Shadow of the Sun' (Jarman, 1981) including Time Out, Monthly Film Bulletin, Listener, Gay News, and The Sunday Times; clear folder: ICA poster for 'In the Shadow of the Sun'; poster for ICA Cinema's screenings of 'In the Shadow of the Sun' and 'T.G.: Psychic Rally in Heaven' (Jarman, 1981); Derek Jarman's life and filmography timeline; photocopy of a press release for 'In the Shadow of the Sun'; photocopy of writing by Jarman about the film; information sheet about the film and screenings at the Delphi and Akademie der Kunste cinemas; Internationales forum des jungen/International forum of the young film, Berlin International Film Festival 1981.

Blue folder [date unknown]: Jean-Luc Godard interviewed by Colin MacCabe.

Japanese booklet about 'The Garden' (Jarman, 1990).

German posters for 'The Angelic Conversation' (Jarman, 1985).

A series of German posters for 'Blue' (Jarman, 1993), featuring the blue background and various silhouettes in movement.

Loose papers [c 2002]: correspondence to and from Daybreak Films Ltd. about the music credits' wording, for contributors such as Mateo & Matos, DJ Foxx, and Changing Shape; correspondence about musical contracts and payment; sales agency agreement between Daybreak Films Ltd. and Icon Entertainment International for 'Daybreak' (Rudden, 2000); sales agency agreement between Basilisk Communications Ltd. and Icon Entertainment International for 'The Garden'.

Blue folder [c 1981-1982]: ICA Cinema programme (March 1981) mentioning 'In the Shadow of the Sun'; Film: Independents, per cinema, mentioning 'Guesswork' (Hamlyn, 1979); Co-Op Cinema, mention of Nicky Hamlyn; Dark Pictures press release for 'Taboo the Single and the L.P.' (McDowell, 1980); Time Out magazine article (1981); Jazz Raum London Filme, mention of Hamlyn; poster for 'Taboo the Single and the L.P.'; correspondence from Dark Pictures about press cuttings for Derek Jarman films, with mention of 'Reisender Krieger' (Schocher, 1982); poster and photograph stills from 'Reisender Krieger'; information on 'Larks: A Play for Price'; Mostra internazionale del cinema non professionale/International exhibition of non-professional cinema; Artscribe and Over21 magazine articles about John Maybury; poster for 'King Blank' (Oblowitz, 1982); publicity booklet for the band Throbbing Gristle.

Loose papers regarding musical agreements for 'Daybreak' [c 2000-2001]: correspondence from Homebass records about Fred Everything's song 'Times Movin' On'; Synchronisation Licence and edited version; correspondence about Classic Records and musical compositions; Daybreak Films Ltd. music information; agreements between Daybreak Films Ltd. and Matthew Herbert regarding track listing for 'Daybreak'; music cue sheets for the songs 'The Move', 'The Rain', and 'The Metropolis'; transmission information for 'Daybreak'; Daybreak Films Ltd. supplies contact list.

CV from potential production assistant.

Various correspondence [c 2000-2001]: letters from Film Four; correspondence about sale and leaseback of 'Daybreak'; solicitors correspondence; invoice for camera lighting; contact numbers for Mannheim meetings (2001).

'Daybreak' stills list.

Correspondence from the British Film Institute about the renewal of Derek Jarman's short films and feature-length films.

Prospectus for: Hannah Collins' 'Every Other Day', Richard Nyman's 'Facing Goya', and John Maybury's 'Man to Man'; synopsis of and correspondence about 'Facing Goya'; press cuttings about 'Man to Man' and Derek Jarman (Variety, 1992).

Rencontres: Internationales de Cinema a Paris 2001, Forum des images: articles about Derek Jarman, 'Caravaggio' (Jarman, 1986), and Tilda Swinton.
LanguageEnglish, German, Italian, Japanese, French
Access StatusOpen
Creator_NameMackay, James (1954-); producer
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