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DescriptionFrom the Front
p. 1 List of Darke's productions and the fees/royalties gained from them.
p. 3-4 Prose concerning a race/competition between butchers and fishmongers.
p. 5-7 Notes/questions concerning accommodation and notes on the progress of Campesinos and possible character names
p. 8 Travel arrangements from London to Paris, notes on Anglo-Saxon Pottery, an event/meeting at St Martins in the Fields Crypt and a list of names Richard Shaljean, Peter Ruby and Betty Tylden
p.9 Notes on tube rather like a coffin, places where you can get a free meal, appointments and structure.
p.10 Notes starting 'you got it all wrong', details of meeting with Arts Council and a list of hostels/soup kitchens (above research for down and out?)
p.11 List of things to look at on car
p.12 Word play which starts with 'Capitalism Kills'
p.15 List of people to telephone, quote by Fry concerning the dramatist being allowed to fail and quote by Eliot concerning culture.
p.17 Note about checking for a leak in the car radiator, the rear window heater and a lock on the driver's door.
p.20 Note re The River, The Castle and a Place Called Mars
p.23 Notes on Field of the Cloth of Gold & Henry VIII
p.25-26 Spanish - key sentences and expressions
p.27 Writing on Nicaragua in Spanish

From the Back

p.1- 2 Plans and measurements for unknown construction
p. 3 Dialogue concerning the Russian threat, propaganda and Port Sebastepeol
p.4 Notes titled 'Rural Areas' with characters Farmer, Daughter and Visitor and plot ideas.
p.5-8 Dialogue using Cornish dialect, concerning a broken chair, the discovery of fish in the pantry and a visitor named Mr Pargonestershiretate

Admin HistoryGiven the list of productions in the rear of this notebook it is likely to date from the 1980s. The Fry mentioned is likely to be Christopher Fry and Eliot, T.S. Eliot.
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