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The Clickbeetles (alternative name for The Dead Monkey screenplay) and characters from The Dead Monkey
Freehand Company set up with Steve Gooch to provide courses for writers- notes show ideas for the name of said company
Gangrene and jogging- short pieces of writing
What Happened Next? a sitcom of six episodes about the American secret service - ideas for the characters of Doug, George and Dilworth (Steve Dilworth
Slave Saver (at Westminster Hall)- working out structure in a short piece of writing/text/doodles includes 'brought you a visitor, bastard had a stroke' (NB this is written pre stroke)
What Happened Next? writing concerning episode two titled The Wooden Leg, with a satrical look at American politics expressing anger at the American Government (was sent off to various places but was never made).This writing coincides with a trip to the United States where Sabrina Guiness was producing Dead Monkey with the director Dani Minnick
Dead Monkey- notes on possible names for the screenplay for example Mrs Buttocklish
A newspaper cutting on the United States /Iraq situation
Draft letter to Paul regarding the sicom What Happened Next? the letter refers to Heather Peace regarding a collaboration between the BBC and CBS
Revolutionary ideas, writing concerning the working and ownership of land of which the latter has already been started
Piece of writing - 'This tree is the last tree standing' which is linked to another on a tree in a field.
Draft letter to Michael Winner regarding the draft of Dead Monkey screenplay
Writing on the concerns of writing, making money, confidence on quality of writing and inability to concentrate (was in reciept of income support at this time)
Wrecking at Booby's Bay - notes from early January 1991 made with Jane and a description of New Years Eve 1990 with Jon Oram and Nick Cam (theatre directors)
Various pieces of experimental writing/ideas for example 'Whats that? its a dolphin'
August 1991 notes on Bush, Baker, and Kuwait, shows awareness of this situation at a local level noting how planes were taking off from RAF St Mawgan at night
Draft letter offering a playwriting course
Bud (play)/ Sheddist (screenplay) - notes on Sheddist
Diary entry of Febuary 1991, a to do list of shows working on
Notes on Dead Monkey, The Hotel 2nd draft, who slipped the pin, King Carnarton and The Resennst (Not known what this went to be, it was linked to the gulf activity so could be 'What Happens Next?')or a
Further notes on King Carnarton
Notes on land ownership which later became Hells Mouth
Winter Heat- idea for TV serial set in Newquay
Diary at the back- concerning wrecking and finds and also an entry with an account of finding a dead body of October 1990.
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