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Notes on The Complex and Following The Body
Ideas for a sitcom- BBC producer JH Davies approached Nick and asked him to write a sitcom, notes include the preparation prior to the meeting and initial ideas
Notes on ecology- a possible area of investigation for sitcom proposal?
Kennigan- was initially a character in The Complex which is set in the Barbican a complex built upon the site of a plague pit and looks at the effect of the pit on the area.
Farmers Arms- notes on discussions with Giles Foster director of Farmers Arms on a potential sequel, with scene and sequence breakdown.
Notes on Restormel community play - Earth Turned Inside Out which became Ting Tang Mine
A list of things to do regarding The Catch, The Body and Farmers Arms with a list of its earnings (working on three pieces simultaneously)
Map of the shed, with Jane's writing alongside regarding a holiday to Cornwall
The Complex - further notes on the characterisation of Kennigan and the design of the set
A piece of writing titled Allegory Butcher & Fishmonger, set within the free market context of Thatcherism which provided a political context for The Complex which was never produced, with the character Kennigan being reused in a piece titled Kennigan's Fish by the end of this notebook.
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