RepositoryFalmouth University (GB 3241)
Ref NoCPA1/242
Alt Ref NoNotebook 55
Extent1 item
DescriptionPostcard for Swedish production of Dead Monkey on cover
Notes on the character of Billy in The Riot
Writing for the Lobster poem ('but eternity with a crustration') that was performed at Royal Festival Hall
Fax number for Woolly Mammoth Company who did a production of the Dead Monkey
Lines from the Lobster Song
Research about Lobster and Mackerel fishing, possibly background research for Diligence
Initial ideas for 'Hell and High water' includes outline of plot and characters
Information on picking crab meat
General views on tourists - including notes on trade and second homes as research for films about Padstow, including notes on fisherman who refused to sell to Rick Stein.
Notes on conversation with tourist from Hackney at Porthcothan, wondering where beach had gone - taking half an hour to explain concept of tides.
Dates for the performance of the Lobster Poem performed at the Purcell Room at The Royal Festival Hall
Information at back of notebook concerning the production of The Dead Monkey at Nottingham and a cutting regarding gardening books - when looking for potential Christmas present for Jane.
Lobster postcard on back cover.
Access StatusOpen
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