RepositoryFalmouth University (GB 3241)
Ref NoCPA1/244
Alt Ref NoNotebook 53
Date1989 Dec -1990
Extent1 item
Notes on The Slave Saver
Notes for production of The Dead Monkey - in Washington D.C. at the Manhattan theatre club - including notes on the Screenplay and reworkings for Washington
Jane's recipes for coleslaw and salad dressing - mistook for another identical book.
Adrian Noble director of RSC- saw Kissing the Pope twice
Kissing the Pope - notes on the characters Amelia and Sanchez from kissing the pope already performed so perhaps a possible reworking
Observations regarding Nicaragua
New ideas - The Sheddist intial notes.
Slave Saver notes on scenes and ideas, putting line through as revisions are made
Note on Mr Recorderhead - Jim's idea.
p107 Presentation on writing a Community play - notes on what they are, what NDs experience of these are
p112 List of money in/out
List of current projects and potential revenue
p118 Notes planning Freehand writers course - (Atlantic Writers)
p127 Writing from period just after move to Cornwall notes describing a walk on the 13th of Dec 1990
Contract details with Sabrina Guinness director of US production of of Dead Monkey.
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