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Alt Ref NoNotebook 61
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DescriptionNotes written whilst emptying head out for a stroll, observations on things happening whilst walking, thoughts on his writing, ideas for work, references to local people, family and friends (John Tremain), ideas relating to American research, parish council housing allocation and details of an upcoming performance of Bud at the Almedia Theatre.
Account of a meeting of the select committee on the environment, including description of room (including diagram), people in attendance.
Questions to ask Clive Tickner about organic farming, with annotations.
Questions related to Quicksilva [CHECK - QUICKSILVER?], to do with the development of computer games.
Notes on Utopia - a computer game involving saving the world.
Questions relating to farming, the environment, the use of chemical sprays and the compulsory purchase of land.
Hand drawn map showing crop sprayer.
Jottings on windmills, ecology, allotments, land use, Thames lightermen, water abstraction, idle ships at the Royal Docks, the Thames barrier, plague pits, TV thriller The Price, Hill Street Blues and a body found in the Thames.
Notes dated April 30th relating to river barges and waste transfer
Section of writing headed Guy Dauncey with questions concerning the redistribution of land and wealth.
p21 - Notes on greening deserts
p22 Proposed questions for interview with Jonathan Porrit with related news clipping from the Guardian dated the 4.2.1985.
p24 Drawing of house.
p26 List of all GLC Locations used for waste transfer encompassing the transport and disposal of rubbish.
p29 Description of public meeting titled 'Porrit' held in the Charles Wright room, giving description of interior space, people in attendance, the subjects covered and their delivery.
p31 Notes on /questions for countryside campaigner Charles Secrett.
p34 Points to be covered in a meeting with Anne dated 10.3.85 (possibly Ann Scott who produced TV production of Farmers Arms)
p37 Name of Police Superintendant Allen - River police at Wapping.
p38 Jottings of stories and happenings told/ overheard at the Queen's Elm public house.
Questions for Thames lightermen in the form of a typed insert stapled into book.
p42 Further questions in the form of typed insert stapled into book relating to water pollution on the Thames.
p49 Description of the Cory Tug, and its morning routine, including a diagram of the barge.
p59 Notes on dramatic devices including Jamaica Inn syndrome (the romantic treatment of smuggling)
p60 Note on the use of accents.
p61 Notes on characters from Ting Tang Mine and use of character to tell stories.
Ordering of scenes for Ting Tang Mine.
p66 Notes on the nature of writing for community plays.
Notebook from whilst living in London.
p71 Ideas for Silent Movie project.
p74 List of what Darke liked and did not like about act two of the Ovenglove Murders.
List of actors in Ovenglove Murders with notes for directors.
p82 Notes on his approach to writing and career to date, including his opinion on being labelled a regional writer.
p85 Initial work dated 27.11.87 for a play about a father and his two daughters commissioned as a community play for Thornbury just outside Bristol to become A Place Called Mars, including notes on plot, themes, places, characters, actors and plan of stage set and sketch of stage at Thornbury on a loose sheet.
p110 Note of something said by Henry Darke's friend Jake about foxes dated 25.1.89
p119 Drawings and writing practice by children.
p169 Newspaper cutting by Meg Beresford titled 'How Small Alternatives Pave the way for Radical Change' concerning the subject of alternate economies such as bartering.
p172 List at back of book dated 1985 gives details of people who he was working with at this time.
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