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Notebook 14
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DescriptionIncludes notes & writing on the following:
- Telephone number for Bill Mitchell (p3)
- Hell's Mouth / Antigones project (pp9-11)
John Angarrck - Washing machine sales man who became imbedded in Cornwall he wrote books including Our Future is History and Breaking The Chains, Angarrack liked Cornwall to a mini Brunei
Stephen Ike - involved in producing Dead Monkey in the US
Gethen Theatre linked to Steppen Theatre Company, that John Malkovich. There was talk of John Malkovich playing character in the Dead Monkey
Francis Bootle- who was Nicks agent
Peter Smith - Doctor involved in Camelford at time of water poisoning
Price of Lobsters
Kathy King, agent (independent talent).
Jane's writing about Catch rehearsal performance for Simon Harvey after Nick had stroke
Dawn Dennis - notes realted to the Parish Council
Material on the Royal Institution & Science Museum - research on Humprey Davey (a member of the Royal Institute in London)
Notes on Cornish nature, tourism
Cornish Stannary Parliament
Comment on BBC's Postcards - Darke was paid £3000 as it was used on Womens Hour (p57)
Hugo & Nancy characters in the Fisherman's Tale, commissioned as part of celebrations related to the 600th anniversary of Geoffrey Chaucer's death in 2000 (BBC's '2000 Tales', broadcast 23rd October 2000, Radio 4) Acts 1-3 were the last thing Darke worked on before suffering his stroke (p61)
Notes on Objective One Funding - outline for proposal for Cultural Strategy (pp65-89)
Drawing of a Lobster showing where they need to be measured (p91)
International Celtic Film Festival
Canadian Lobster tag number
ACT- Arts Centre Trust
Page refs for items related to Humphry Davey
Nick writing to Mike Shepherd a week after stroke in response to previous letter from Mike Shepherd
Examples of Darke trying to work and write after a stroke
Henry Darke's writing, Darke dictating material about the Lobster Ranch Denver was character in this.
Sand Dunes - Jane's writing fighting to preserve raking of beach
Lobster Tags with numbers and address
Henry writing Martha & Hugo
Nick working out how much money he had after stroke. Got some funding from Peggy Marshall 5000 & Roger Michell 3000.
DSS insurance loan repayment council tax
Seeds from strandline written by Jane.
Admin HistoryNotebook contains a mix of pre and post-stoke writing. There is a clear demarkation where Darke suffers his stroke on the 14th of January. John Angarrack dedicated a book to Darke after his death in 2005.

Darke was on the cultural task force for Objective One funding.
Nick suffered his stroke in January 2001.
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