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Notebook 25
Extent1 folder
DescriptionContains the following:
Thames research for the play A Tickle on The Rivers Back.
Research about Thames Lightermen
Notes about a meeting with Clare
Notes on the first draft, first rehearsal, and first production of a Tickle on The Rivers Back
Contact deatils for Jules Wright
Numbered notes on tape recordings, relating to Thames Lightermen
Notes for act one, working out the structure
A drawing of a map of the Thames
Notes on what research sources to use, books etc
Sections of dialogue
List of words and phrases to do with the river
List of the different cargoes taken by the lighters lists Lovells, sugar, scrap etc describes life at the docks
Notes on different wharfs including the free trade wharf
Notes on places and lightermen's language
Note on how a sausage roll was so old it's a pork pie now
Notes on rhyming slang and language to do with the river
Sketch of a barge
Historical notes about the river Thames including the relationships of famous people with it including Juilas Caesar who crossed the river and a polar bear which ate salmon
Description of barge hatches
Mention of Watchers
Dialogue parts
Description of size and physic of men working on the Thames
Notes on loading barges
Script sections
Description of darke and his work to date for use in the programme for the production
Notes on works with Clare Veneables
Part of a letter that starts 'Dear Simon I am sorry to hear about the plight about lunchtime plays'
Writing about a trip up the river
Cast list and list of actors
Phrases to do with the river
Notes on language taken from conversation, possibly from the tapes
Material on Londons docks, including St Catherine dock with a list of items but ashore here
Written about dream about being on the Nile or the Thames
Acknowledgements , thanks to Terry Cowling
Lis of things to do for the play bit of dialogue
Working out dialogue for Frank and Arnie from A Tickle on The Rivers Back
Notes for Landmarks relating including timeline and modern methods of farming in the 1930s
Run through of scenes for Beauty & The Beast in red ink
Admin HistoryA Tickle on the Rivers Back was only the second complete play written by Darke and performed at the Theatre Royal Stratford East, London. 'Watchers' was possibly an early a title for the play. Terry Cowling was a friend he met a drama school, he was from London and once saved Nick's life without him there would have been no Nick Darke.
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