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Notebook 11 CPA1/739
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Description This notebook is mainly concerned with the research and development of the King of Prussia and includes:
Page 3 Possible alternative names for the Kneehigh Theatre Company
Page 5 References to research material including Smuggling in Devon & Cornwall 1700-1850 by Mary Waugh' with page numbers e.g. arranging a smuggle page 36-38
Page 9 Parish council notes, relating to the NRA (National River Authority) about flood defences.
Page 11-13 Early research and ideas formed about the character of Mrs Stackhouse from the King of Prussia
Page 17 Working out the plot for the King of Prussia
Page 19 The different definitions on the activity of smuggling in the 1700s and 1900s and at the bottom a list of possible names for a wrecking company darke thought about setting up with his wife Jane.
Page 21 List of harbours, Roscoff, New York, Calais and events that would have been contemporary with the period the King of Prussia was set e.g. the French revolution and the American War of Independence
Page 23 Working out dialogue for the King of Prussia
Page 25 Names of man of war ships mentioned in the King of Prussia and also the names of Royal Navy Ships and revenue cutters such as the Busy (John Knill owned this boat?)
Page 27 Marine Reclamation, possible name for a centre that Darke and his wife thought of starting in Porthcothan, followed by more research for the King of Prussia including notes on food riots between Parishes and the struggle for food.
Page 29 Notes on the French revolution
Page 30-31 Working ou the early stages of plot for the King of Prussia
Page 33 Notes titled salt, relating to the duty paid on salt when it was used for curing pilchards, followed by a description of a boat possibly a naval vessel
Page 37 Notes on faining death with pennies on the eyes, a ship called the Black Prince manned by the Irish and reference to page 81 of the book Smuggling in West Cornwall
Page 39 Further notes from the book Smuggling in West Cornwall about smuggling and John Knill.
Page 41 More notes on smuggling and the ditribution of tea (perhaps from Stackhouse diary?)
Page 43 Notes on Cargo, Revenue officers, Ships with reference to page 333 of a book
page 45 Details of ships and cargo with references to pages of a book.
Page 47 Details about smuggling the Carter brothers and their boat/ship
Page 49 Notes on smuggling
Page 55 Notes on pilchards
Page 59 List of names of film companies and producers
Page 61, 63, 65, Dialogue for the King of Prussia
Page 67 Research notes, cliffs, dialect, Captain Bligh
Page 69 Notes on difference in price of laminated and toughened wood
Page 71 Bits of language and sayings used in the King of Prussia
Page 73, Note from John Stackhouse diary refers to black and white copy of his book with images of seaweed?
Page 75 Part of a letter from Frank Turk to somebody Wynne? about how they saw the tanks in the cellars of Acton Castle which was the home of John Stackhouse
Page 79 Notes about tobbacco reference in a book page 337, list that in England was at war 1779 at war with France, Spain, Holland and America
Page 81 Lobster pots, golfballs, pairs of teeth, playing around with language.
Page 82 Dialogue for Stackhouse
Page 83 More dialogue and also notes on a tractor Darke was considering buying
Page 85 Dialogue for Suzanne Stackhouse
Page 86 Workings on The Man with Green Hair looking at the plot
Page 87 King of Prussia, list or items numbered 1-9 including a mast, flower pot, pressing seaweed, believed to be the props used in different scenes of the King of Prussia these ideas were abandoned and not used
Page 88 Possible dialogue for John Knill looking at religious language
Page 89 Workings on part featuring the Cawsand drop with notes on plot
Page 90 Notes about character and plot
Page 91 Material at the characters of Bessie and Suzanne from the King of Prussia
Page 92 Bit of dialogue about Stackhouse written almost as poetry.
Page 93 Notes about smugglers written in rhyme and dialogue for the King of Prussia
Page 95, 97, 98,99,101, 105, 107 Free trading, trying to work out an introduction to the start of the play didn't get used.
Page 103 Page titled Gnomes, with list of names of Gnomes, Elderweed, Crowfly and Young Bride.
Page 104 John Knills speech, almost how it is in the final production.
Page 106 Working on the John Knill speech preamble to page 104 working backward in the notebook.
Page 113 Notes on Plot
Page 114 John Carters Speech from the King of Prussia from the start of the play
Page115 Details about smuggling and different kinds of tea.
Page117,119 Plot details for King of Prussia with order of scenes with dialogue on page 121
Page 123 Details about French visit and dialogue
Page 125, 127, 129, 131, 133, Plot details and dialogue for the King of Prussia
Page 135 Some research notes on John Carter, names and plot details
Page 136 Notes on places mentioned in the play
Page 137 Plot details about John Knill
Page 139 Plot details about Harry Carter
Page141-143 Working out dialogue
Page 144, Page titled Write Out, list of items to write out including early characters which were removed from the play.
Bong Sticki written on the reverse of the notebook.
Admin HistoryThe Kneehigh Theatre Company were said to considered changing their name at several points. Kneehigh was a name created for the original company which had the objective of producing theatre for children as the company evolved is considered changing its name. Page 57 Phone numbers of Darkes Niece and Nephew. John Stackhouse was a botanist who is reputed to be the first person to classify seaweed. Frank Turk is the husband of Stella Turk who are the founders of Cornwall Wildlife trust, Stella is featured in the wrecking season.
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