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Ref NoCPA1/806
Alt Ref NoCPA1/806
Notebook 5 CPA1/739
Extent1 folder
DescriptionThis notebook mainly refers to the writing and development of The Man With Green Hair- US Version, Booby's Bay and includes:
Page 3 Notes on Porthcothan Bridge relating to Parish Council meeting
Page 3, 5, Notes for The Man with Green Hair
Page 7, Contact details for a person in the depratment of heritage.
Page 9, Research for irresponsible industrial activity.
Page 13, 15, 17, 9 Notes on the American System looking, American Indians, (Native Americans), and West Pongo the setting for the US version of The Man with Green Hair, looking at people making claims against the state concerning pollution.
Page 21 Playing with possible title for something else called 'A Suitable Heir'
Page 23 Notes titled The Bridge, contacts to do with Porthcothan Bridge and trying to preserve it
Page 25, 27, Draft letter to Paul Tyler who was Darkes MP at this time
Page 32 More notes to with the preservation of the bridge
Page 33 Drawing of men punching the air.
Page 35 Title, B& B seems to be an idea about a mother and daughter running a B& B
Page 37 Possible title, The Family Tree
Page 39 Notes on B&B idea.
Page 41 Contacts and notes about the bridge
Page 45 Prose poem about the Old men of the Parish men cutting hedges with a hook.
Page 47 Information about the bridge, dialogue, sex and drug taking?
Page 51 Note about book titled Old Cornish Bridges and Streams by Charles Henderson
Page 53 Note about relationship between Milt and Patsy characters from the Man with The Green Hair
Page 55 Titles for plays or for film companies.
Page 57 Cornish Pasties to Constipators example of word play
Page 58 Description for summary of The Man with Green Hair
Page 59 Notes on oil dumps
Page 63, 65 Different combinations of words he may use including computer terms
Page 67,69 Dialogue from the Man with Green Hair
Page 70 Accounts, financial notes
Page 71, Dialogue about the removal of brain likening it to removing the contents of an egg.
Page 73, Dialogue for The Man With Green Hair
Page 75 Miscellaneous notes
Page 76 Words for The Man with Green Hair
Page 78 Notes refering to a Parish Hall Committee meeting
Page 79 Notes for letter about the Porthcothan Bridge
Page 81-83 Ideas about young surfer trying to cultivate his mind so when his looks fade he can still pull the girls
Page 85-105 Notes on plot and dialogue for the King of Prussia
Page107-111 A letter to Adrian Vinken of The Theatre Royal Plymouth about the late delivery of the King of Prussia
Page 113-115 Act in castle a scene from the early stages of the King of Prussia
Page 117 Suzanne Stackhouse, telescope scene from the King of Prussia
Page119 Notes on surburbia on a cliff.
Admin HistorySome of the material on Porthcothan Bridge fed into the Bogus and the Man With Green hair. The Man with Green hair and The King of Prussia were being worked on by Darke at the same time so there are notes for both in this notebook.
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