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Notebook 19 CPA1/739
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TitleBBC Notebook
DescriptionPage 1 Titled Directly commisioned by BBC, notes on the smell of Britain
Page 3 Notes on a Swedish trampafoil
Page 5 -13 Five principle characters for the 'Sea'
Page 13a List of different projects includes Humphrey Davey project
Page 15 Idea for something called Crofty and something called district council, with ideas for characters
Page17 -19 Polzeath Vigilantes
Page 21 Notes entitled 'Golf Club'
Page 25, 27 Dialogue about filming at Rock, Meryl Streep
Page 29, Phone numbers
Page 31- 45 Starting to work out what the story is scene by scene lots of ideas, potential titles 'Eaten by Ants', 'Fabulous Five' notes finish with Columbian Bamboo Houses
Page 47 Point reached where three episodes are outlined The Mine , The Farm and The Beach.
Page 55 Title Canute, Beach cafe
Page 57 Working out of potential story
Page 63 Names for characters
Page 67-87 Working out plot
Page 89 Writing directly about Cornwall European funding with relation to ideas for his piece, description of what he wants this series to be.
Page 101 ,103 Idea about two brothers Simon and Curtis possibly the same as preceding
Page 115 Three brothers development of piece featuring Simon and Curtis with a list of character descriptions.
Page 116 Piece retitled 'Swimming with sharks' after first meeting with Hilary Salmon
Page 117 Comment on the title on the preceding page
Page 121 -123 Notes on a hairy man and working out a story
Page 125 Ideas for making a film (without BBC?)
Page 127 More working out of stories for the same series
Page141 Notes Fate, Bollocks , Driving the (golf) ball
Page 145 Notes titled Nixon
Page 149 Lobster tag details, a Kevin tag protected by law first tag Darke and his wife ever found.
Page 153- 157 Parish hall Committee material
Page161, Geology notes, quartz etc
page 163 -215 Notes to do with miners notes for piece called Underground, material from interview with Mark Kashmeric who worked at South Crofty mine until it closed.
Page 217-9 Pages of phone numbers
page 225-243 More mining notes
page 245 Parish Council notes about Mawgan Porth and dog bins.
page 249 Notes that read 'Beachcombers life is governed by the tide and wind' - like work done with John Angarrack about Cornish History
Back page contact details and lobster tag numbers.

Admin HistoryNick had a meeting with Hilary Salmon with the BBC for the three part series these are notes are research for this, it was however never made. Sea was one of the working titles Darke gave this piece of work.
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