RepositoryFalmouth University (GB 3241)
Ref NoCPA1/838
Alt Ref NoCPA1/838
Notebook 20 CPA1/739
Extent1 folder
DescriptionNotebook from period post-stroke
Pages1-5 Henry Darke's writing
Page 11-17 Notes Darke was working on after his stroke which included he making of a film trilogy with the working titles Lobster Ranch, Diligence includes notes on bass fishing and ideas and dialogue for a character called Fanatic for Radio play called Hooked
Page 29 Notes titled Chris, material on bass fishing for Hooked
Page 33 Notes titled Nigel refers to Nigel Legge a fisherman who lives on the Lizard includes a list of questions
Page 37-41 Ideas and notes for dialogue and research on bass fishing
Page 43-50 More research for Hooked includes notes on the tourist trade and fishing
Page 59 Looking at dialogue
Page 73-75 Starts with 'Act 2 Height of Summer' with scene breakdowns, ideas for plot and dialogue for Hooked and Lobster/Diligence
Page 93 Dialogue for a Screenplay of Never Say Rabbit in a Boat
Page 99 Henry Darke's writing
page 101 -107 Writing by Jane Darke from when she helped son Henry with a grant application to become an actor
Page 117 Free thinking notes and idea generation
Page 121 Looking at names for characters
Page 123-129 Settings for different scenes for the screenplay of Never Say Rabbit in a Boat
Page 139 Notes on trying to get a computer sorted out
Page 141 Notes on 9 days of wrecking includes a list of items found such as Lobster tags notes start on the 8th of January 2004
Page 145-147 More notes for the screenplay of Never Say Rabbit in a Boat
Page157 Notes for the film The Wrecking Season
Page 167 Notes written by Jane Darke about what is needed for The Wrecking Season
Page 169 -172 Notes on funding for The Wrecking Season
Page 173-175 Notes on beach management/ education
Page 179 Notes for the narration of The Wrecking Season
Page 181 Sandhopper information, larva, different types of sand hopper, what eats them etc linked to beach raking.
Admin HistoryChris and Nigel were the names of fisherman Darke spoke to as part of his research. Darke was also working on a screenplay of his first play Never Say Rabbit in a Boat during this period.
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