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Notebook 39 CPA1/739
Extent1 folder
DescriptionPage 1 Notes titled Borrowed House
Page 3 -13 Notes for The Man with Green Hair
Page 17-21 Notes for the short film the Bench/ Borrowed house
Page 25-29 Looking at Bolitho a character in the Riot and extra Riot notes
Page 41 Notes starting 'You speak French, I am french, yes Norman to be precise...'
Page 45- 47 Fishing research notes for The Riot
Page 49 Notes working out how much money he has
Page 51 A Description of the Borrowed House and what it is about
Page 53-57 Notes on farming, tonnage per acre and chemicals used
Page 59- 75 Notes for the Borrowed House (Darke has put lines through it which means he has used it for something) material includes notes on tourism and holiday home owners who are preparing to return to the primary home in London
Page 79 Notes for The Riot
Page 81 Material on second home owners and a character who is an estate agent and gig enthusiast later to become a character in the film adaptation of Never Say Rabbit in a Boat
Page 119 Notes on what was wrong with TV show Wild West regarding its portrayal of Cornish People

From the back
Page 382 Looking at ideas around fishing with the central character of a fisherman includes material on trawling, quota hopping and modern fishing
Page 178 Notes on Bal Maidens and the Brocoli Trade of 1896, notes for The Riot
Research notes, character, dialogue evolving, desriptions for the set/setting, scenes
Page 218 Note written to self by Darke about writing a great play, more dialogue and scenes,
Page 162 Notes on uses of words including some nautical terms taken from 'The Glossary of Cornish Sea Words' by Robert Morton Nance.
Page 134 Notes about Captain Pugwash and Wurzel Gumidge (Cornish?) Captain Birds Eye, Wycliff and Poldark looking at west country accents. Notes how Captain Pugwash posing as Cornishman is attacked by wreckers.
Page 138 Notes about Diana Mountbatten Windsor and Princess Diana in the minefields of Angola.
Admin HistoryPages 59-75 Are workings out for a pitch for the piece Borrowed House which becomes the radio play The Fishermans Tale
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