RepositoryFalmouth University (GB 3241)
Ref NoCPA1/840
Alt Ref NoCPA1/840
Notebook 36 CPA1/739
Extent1 folder
DescriptionPage 7-23 Refers to a character called Carl from Diligence set in Padstow, includes notes on different scenes for screenplay, dialogue and plot
Page 37-41 Notes on the quality of museums/ visitors centres and notes from a meeting about Cornish ditinctivness related to objective one funding.
Page 43 Notes on Objective One funding darke was on the Cultural Task Force
Page 44a- Notes for The Riot with dialogue
Page 89-97 Notes about income.
Page 99 Darke working out speech for his nieces wedding (He gave her away)
Page 105 Notes about Kenneth Wiliams
Page 107-117 Further notes for Wedding Speech
Page 167 Notes about getting a larger boat with specifications, possibly for Diligence?
Page 169 Notes on a character called Margeret
Page 171 Notes on place name why is Butter Cove called Butter Cove and why is Minions called Minions
Page 173 Notes on FX sweeping for Radio play titled Postcards
Page 177 Notes for episode 2 of Postcards
Page 181-183 Notes for episode 5 of Postcards
Page 189-191 Fish (underlined) possible title for Diligence looking at plot page
Page 193 Notes on the large amount of lighters coming in on the beach and someone making necklaces from them, ideas for dialogue
Page 199 Working out finances for Tax Return
Page 213 Looking at different organisations, County Council etc
Page 215 Note to do the bench
Page 217 Description of Caravan site all part of a parish council meeting
Page 225 Record of 12 sea peas found at Perranporth
Page 227-229 More notes for Diligence
Page 235 Material on Stan and Cyril characters from the Bench (Just one page)
Page 237 Notes on beach finds 15th of Feb 1999
Page 239 Lobster tags (orange ones called Kevins) note of possibly the first one found by Darke and his wife
Page 241 Parish Council Notes.
Admin HistoryDarke was contacted by John Betjemans daughter about the development of an Arts Centre in Wadebridge. Diligence was actually the name of the fishing boat used in the wrecking season.
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