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Ref NoCPA1/842
Alt Ref NoCPA1/842
Notebook 79 CPA1/739
Extent1 folder
DescriptionNotebook titled Ecology
Page 1 Select Commitee on the Environment notes about plant breeding, agriculture, use of chemicals, Darke was reading book 'Whose land is it Anyway? notes from the book pages marked
Page 2 Notes on land use, exploitation of farmland rural areas and capitalism, summing up of damage being done to the biosphere
Page 5 Bits of writing about someone who invents a computer game who is farmer
Page 7 Sheddist (Screenplay he worked on for a while) Sheddist's view of the world
Page 8 Notes on Hegemony, mans starvation, breakdown of environmental issues and cosmology
Page 10 Notes from article in Scientific America Magazine on an oil strike
Page11 Material from New Internationalists magazine dated January 1985
Page 12 Notes on productivity and the common agricultural policy
Page 15 Dialogue possibly from real life characters Pop (Darke's father) and Merton ( A man who comes to Porthcothan every year and is known by the family)
Page 17 Further notes on farming and agricultural policy
Page 18 List of scenes for a play about farming (a play ,within a play ,called the Green Candidate)
Page 19 Plot for Green candidate
Page 23-25 Describes the plot for The Tree
Page 42 Diagram of the story for The Tree
Page 45 List of scenes for The Tree
Page 48 Notes titled 'Tree or Univited guests by Nick Darke'
Page49 Canarton - Screenplay of King Carnarton which Darke developed with various directors including Harry Hook notes give a list of the scenes for the screenplay
Towards the back of notebook is a drawing of man with fish as codpiece or 'strategic fish' by Darke
Right at the back is a letter to someone doing a performance of The Body.

Admin HistoryDarke went to see Johnathan Porrit head of the Green Party at this time.
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