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Notebook 37
Extent1 folder
DescriptionPage 1-3 Overheard conversation between characters Gary, Jean, Geoffrey and Myra
Page 5 Notes headed Recycling- general notes and notes on probate
Page 9 Probate
Page Notes on meeting with Andrew George about Cornish History
Page 13 -17 'A Dog Odoured Judge' ideas for writing for a pece of work about Cornwall
Page 19 Notes headed Bananas- United fruit Company
Page 21- 29 Probate
Page 31 Notes on Story of Buddhas finger
Page 33 -39 Probate
Page 41 Notes on China Clay and the stone and drying plant and Towards an Economic strategy for Cornwall and Devon, notes on a meeting relating to early Objective One funding
Page 45 Further notes on China Clay
Page 49 Probate
Page 51 Notes for a piece of writing titled the Concomitants-The Expert in the form of a free thinking list of words.
Page 53 Notes for piece titled The Chief Executive with a European feel
Page 55 Notes on Diary of a Mad Man a working title for a Kneehigh Summer Show
Page 57-69 Probate
Page 71-73 Ideas for a piece called The Bereavment, a comedy based on an idea of a man adminstrating his late fathers estate.
Page 75 Further notes on probate
Page 79 Names and addresses of people to do with Mawgan Porth Bridge
Page 81 Probate
Page 85 Notes from Cornwall Record Office to do with Porthcothan and St Mawgan bridges built in 1896. This research was used later in the development of The Bogus
Page 86 Notes on bridge structure
Page 87-101 Cornwall Records Office notes relating to Porthcothan Bridge
Page 102 Notes on bridge structure
Page 103-134 Probate
Page135 Notes headed 5.4.1993 from meeting with Bridge engineer at Penzanz house sited next to the bridge built by Darke's Grandfather
Page 137-142 Probate
Page 143 note of contact details for production of Cider with Rosie at the Epic Theatre, Sheffield (Sylvia Langhan)
Page 145 Notes on Darke's parents headstones
Page 147 Notes on Dead Monkey, regarding a French translation
Page 149 Notes headed 9.4.1993 from a meeting about the Porthcothan bridge with a structural engineer
Page 157 Short note to Carl Grose about reading his play- followed by notes on buying landrover
Page 159-163 Probate
Page 165 Notes on suffering Vestibulitis a medical condition and notes for a song about the spider woman
Page 167 further contact details for Sheffield production of Cider with Rosie
Page 167-175 Probate
Page 177-190 Notes on a run through of a Kneehigh devised Summer Show
Page190- 213 Working on Spider Woman Song
Page 215 List of figures for probate
Page 215 Notes on stone at Porthcothan Bridge
Page 219- 225 Piece of writing about miners followed by notes on rhyming material
Page 227-233 Notes on probate
Page 235 Notes on a letter in the Guardian about the decline of Public Schools with reference to Richard Branson
Page 237 Notes titled Camelford and some phone numbers
Page 239 Song writing relating to the Summer Show regarding production
Page 257 Cast list and dialogue for The Bogus
Page 259-265 Notes relating to precepts and plans realting to a Parish Council Meeting
Page 267 Notes Bridge, relating to the taking of core samples
Page 271 Probate
Page 273-281 Notes for Kneehigh Summer show
Page 287 General finance notes
Page 293 Notes relating to the standard pentration test relating to Porthcothan Bridge
Page 295 List of all the valuable items in the house at Glencoe for probate purposes
Page 297 Notes on the initial building of Porthcothan Bridge from Cornwall Record Office research
Page 299 Mention of Mr Stevens bridge engineer
Page 303 Personal tax calculations
Page 380 From the back- staging notes for the National Theatre production of Ting Tang Mine includes notes for the set.
Page 342 From the back - notes on the vocabulary of film
Page 340- 224 Notes on locations, scenes plays and films, character of Hannah, unknown BLM
Admin HistoryNotebook was compiled in the time shortly after the death of Darke's father when he was dealing with the execution of his estate. Darke was brought in to create a song about a Spider Woman for a Kneehigh Summer Show.
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