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Notebook 38
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DescriptionNotebook from the post-stoke period with others often writing down for Nick Darke. Includes notes for the Wrecking Season, thoughts on stroke and how grain is working and finding words - The Brain, The Body and The Wife
p.1 - Doodle and the word scuds
p.2 - 2 minute speech, 2 minute presentation
p.3 - doodles
p.6. - Notes for The Wrecking Season, begins, 'This is a story of two communities one which I know very well.....'
p.9 - Notes on the Shipping forecast
p.11 - Random words
p.13 - Notes on Joseph Emidee
p.15 - Notes on whether people can tell he has suffered a stroke
p.17 - Objective one funding, notes on how the brain works and its relationship with the body.
p.19 - Notes on speech, list of beach finds
p.21 - The search for words by the brain
p.25 - Numbers on tags? found at Watergate Bay
p.27 - List of camera shots for The Wrecking Season
p.29 - List of numbers or timings framed in a doodled frame
p.31 - Reminder of meeting at St Merryn
p.35 - Note, Danger My Ally - Get On It Henry!
p.39 - 41 - Notes on introduction & writing concerning the character Barry for the Screenplay of Never Say Rabbit in a Boat
p.45 - Reminders to send letters and applications
p.51 - Notes on how much footage is needed to shoot a half hour documentary
p.53 - Brazilian word for Slums
p.55 - List of jobs to do
p.57 - List of phone numbers and contacts
p.58 - Names of producers, directors, prominant people in Cornwall and list of words
p.61 - Note about the price of Lobsters, James Ortiz - Beach Manager and extert of dialogue 'Gloria - flash in the pan? Bonnie its your Mother , keeping you on your toes' for Screenplay of Never Say Rabbit in a Boat
p.63 - Dialogue ' Who's playing? Leciseter City & Manchester City, Who's winning? City. Notes about wacky baccy, dodgey Dicky etc
p.65 - Notes/dialogue on Mother, picture by A Bonnie and selling sand to Moorland people
p.67 - 75 - Notes on characters Alice, Dorothy, Percy, Bonnie, Darryl, Gloria, Damien, Dave Darren, Dougal, Paul, Duane, Charlie, Brian Stanley, Hellyar, Harry dialogue and lists of words
p.77 - 79 - Contact details for Jan Loveridge and Cathy King and lines of dialogue
p.81 - Notes on New Cinema funding.
p.83 - Lines of dialogue and notes on changes at this point to The Wrecking Season
p.85 - Contacts for film producers etc
p.87 - Notes and timings?
p.89 - The Shark Trust, dates and notes on the world of Nurdies?
p.91 - 93 - Columns/lists of numbers
p.96 - Contact for Fiona Reegan
p.97 - List of numbers and tally marks
p.99 - 101 Outline of potential project/event with students, Laughing Gas?, dates when the Torrey Canyon and the Hemsley I tankers were wrecked off the Cornish coast and the line 'you say rabbit? - no you did
p.103 - Notes on the brain
p.105 - List of words
p.108 - List of expenditure
p.111 - Contact details for Taiwanese Plastic Companies
p.113 - Line of dialogue for Never Say Rabbit In a Boat screenplay ' NSRIAB, don't ask ask me why , trust me.....
p.115 - Contact for Royal Institution Tour and note about shopping with Gerald
p.117 - List of times
p.121 - Notes on how currents are shown on maps
p.123 - Notes on the feel and smell of water
p.124 - Notes on tags
p.125 - 127 Never Say Rabbit in a Boat - lines of dialogue relating to Dorothy, Gloria, Hellyar, George and Charles
p.129 - Notes on shots/long shots
p.134 - Notes on The Wrecking Season & Koyt
p.135 - Doodle titled Shot One
Admin HistoryHenry is Henry Darke the son of Nick and Jane Darke.
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