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Notebook 58
Extent1 folder
DescriptionNotebook contains material on Antigone:
p.1 - Notes from meeting with students regarding reading the play and the selection process
p.2 - Contact details for J Mortimer
p.3 - List of Dates
p.5 - Slot for show, commissioning of treatment and details of contact at the Western Morning News
p.7 - Draft dialogue for Winston, Leaf and Sandra
p.9 - Notes from meeting on the 23rd of January - includes proposed timescale for play, workshops, developments and focus
p.11 - 'We who rule the roost....'Lines of prose/dialogue and notes
p.13 - Notes on working with the cast
p.15 - Directions to Cornwall College
p.17 - Details of possible people to work with on the project, actors, musicians and writers
p.19 - Lines of dialogue beginning ' We who rule the roost....', estimate of potential audience
p.21 - Directions to Launceston College
p.23 - Details of possible people to work with on the project, actors, musicians and writers etc
p.25 - Lists of male and female characters
p.27 - Lines of dialogue titled 'The Land of the Living Past'
p.29 - Notes for 1st reading
p.31 - Details of possible people to work with on the project, actors, musicians, dancers and designers in the St Austell Area
p.33 - List of characters and potential actors taking the roles
p.35 - 36 - Details of cast exercise to develop the performance
p.37 - 38- Character details, dialogue and notes on group support
p.39 - Notes on conflict within play
p.41 - Cornish culture and myths and their relation to the themes of the play
p.42 - Writing exercise
p.43 - Details of characters male and female and their traits/qualities
p.44 - Notes on offstage/onstage incidents
p.45 - Exercise for the actors
p.46 - 47 - Actors exercise called The Donut Game?
p.48 - 50 - Lines of dialogue and page references
p.51 - 52 - Notes on formula, looking at ideas of negative campaigning, the misuse and subversion of power
p.54 - 55 - Notes on the history, people and challenges faced in Cornwall, and potential groupings of characters for the play, subjects include Elizabeth Higgins, tourism, geology, hertiage 'Poldark', weather etc
p.56 - 57 Jobs to do
p.59 - Historic & contemporary parallels for play
p.61 - Notes from telephone conversation with Mike Shepherd includes ideal fro improving scenes, timing and dialogue
p.62 - Reading the Runes
p.63 - 64 - Notes titled Harry's Group - gives details of ideas that influence this group of performers.
p.65 - Notes on Cornwall and an idea for a language whcih develops during the play into English
p.66 - 67 - Geology of Cornwall, list of associated words and terms
p.68 - 70 - Ideas for groupings of performers, themes and lines of dialogue
p.71 - 72 - List of performers
p.72 - Notes on the subject of the play
p.73 - Lines of prose/dialogue beginning Haphazard Quartz Hedge.... and notes on Brecht ideas
p.75 - Names of characters Alice and Ian, ideas that money be Kernow Dollars and that there be multi - layered citizenship
p.76 - Page of dialogue
p.77 - Newsclipping on speech by Fidel Castro
p.78 - Notes on Oedipus and Jocasta and the contrast between Gaudy & Prim - Fish and Chips and Heritage Coast
p.79 - Notes on Exmoor
p.81 - 83 - Lines for the chorus of farmers wives
p.85 - List of possible themes /motifs within the play
p.86 - 87 - Lists of classical and dialect words and terminology
p.88 - Lines of dialogue
p.89 - Notes titled One and all and details of the cost of a computer and printer
p.90 - 91 - Notes on Antigone, Dywana, defilement, earthworks, character names and calling down the moon.
p.93 Lines of prose/dialogue begiining 'One Day, One day is now ....
p.94 - Dialogue for Mrs May and Alice
p.95 - List of connected words
p.96 - 102 - Draft dialogue
p.103 - Notes on fish dated Thursday the 20th of August 1992
p.107 - 113 - Draft dialogue
p.126 - Draft prose/dialogue
p.130 - List of words
p.131 - Notes on Paul and David
p.132 - 133 - 6 Reasons for writing
p. 158 - notes on two people called Harry and 3 lines of dialogue
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