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TitlePeriodicals and Pamphlets, 1967-1969
DescriptionBox containing pamphlets and periodical parts. New World No.128 (June 1969), copies of a book review of Peggy Crane's 'Peace in Palestine', written by Sir John Richmond for New World (June 1969), sixteen issues of Free Palestine (1968-69), three typed documents issued by the International Conference in Support of the Arab Peoples International Information Centre, Issues No.2 and 3/4/5 of The World and the Middle East (1967), various typed statements and press releases by Al Fatah, Free Palestine and other organisations, copy of an interview with American journalist John Law with an attached note from Law to Diana Richmond, two typescripts by Elmer Berger, 'Problems of American Policy-Makers in the Middle East' and 'Prophecy, Zionism and the State of Israel', Perspective Vol.1, No.8 (December 1968), The Middle East Newsletter (September 1969), The Green Book of Our Lost Future (1968), The Black Book of $9,500,000,000, thirteen copies of a monthly bulletin produced by the Arab Women's Information Committee - The Facts about the Palestine Problem (July 1968-June 1969, with topics covered including Plan Dalet, Women's Resistance, British and American responsibilities), Mohammed Tarbush, 'Palestine or Israel?' (1970), typed speech by A.M.T. Farouki, 'Peace in the Land of Peace' (delivered at Durham University, 10 June 1969), Michael Rice, 'The Need for an Understanding of the Arab Case in the Conflict of Israel' (1967), The Palestine National Liberation Movement 'Al Fat'h' and its military wing 'Al Assifah' (1969), two leaflets on Israel produced by the UAR Institute of International Labour Relations, Information Bulletin Nos.2 (June-July 1969) and 3 (Nov-Dec 1969) of the Israeli Revolutionary Action Committee (ISRACA), Race Today (May 1970), The Catonsville Roadrunner No.16 (July 1970), twenty issues of The Arab magazine (September 1967 - December 1969), three copies of the satirical 'Israel Imperial News' (1968-69), Flash No.1 (March 1970), a Quaker draft typescript 'An Approach to Peace in the Middle East' (1969), two copies of a reprint of E.T. Richmond's 'Dictatorship in the Holy Land' (February 1938), various CAABU publications and newsletters and annual reports - including Anthony Nutting on 'The Palestinian Resistance Movement', Musa Mazzawi, 'The Arab Refugees' and 'The Balfour Declaration', Michael Adams 'The Search for a Settlement in the Middle East' (1968 reprint) and 'The Churches and Palestine' - three monographs and other material published by the Institute of Palestine Studies: The Dimensions of the Palestine Problem, 1967 (No.6), To Whom does Palestine Belong? (No.8) and The Partition of Palestine (No.9), two pamphlets on Palestinian resistance and peace issued by the Fifth of June Society, two information papers (Nos.8 and 9) published by the Arab Information Center, plus their leaflet on 'Moroccans of Jewish Faith', a Kuwait Government Press pamphlet on 'American TV presents the Arab-Israeli Dispute' (1967), Erskine Childers, 'Palestine: the broken triangle' (1965 reprint) and 'The Other Exodus (1961 reprint with consequent correspondence in The Spectator), two Palestine Essays (Nos.2 and 4) and a fact sheet issued by the PLO, Mohammed Badi Sharif, 'Strangers in Palestine' (1970), Dafna Alon, 'Arab Racialism' (1969), Elihu Lauterpacht, 'Jerusalem and the Holy Places' (Anglo-Israel Association,1968), material produced by the United Nations and Amnesty on human rights issues, a report by Malise Ruthven on Torture of Arabs under Israeli Rule (March 1970), two pamphlets on Israeli violations published by the Arab Regional Conference on Human Rights (Beirut, December 1968), Walid Khalidi, 'Jerusalem: the Arab case' (1967), John Carter, 'An Eyewitness in Jerusalem: Spring 1969', Margaret Bremridge, 'Oasis in the Desert: a story of exiles from the Holy Land', The Palestinian Arabs, Caricatures de Sine (Arab League, 1968: anti-Zionist cartoons by controversial artist Maurice Sinet, ending with a challenge to accuse him of anti-Semitism), What if it Happened to You? (1968), four booklets in the Palestine Monographs series (Nos.1, 54, 55 and 56) and a scrapbook of presscuttings compiled by E.T. Richmond : 'Palestine, December 1947: some newspaper cuttings describing the events that immediately followed UNO's decision to partition the country.' The cuttings are arranged chronologically from 1 December 1947 to 3 January 1948, and include the complete issue no.52 of the Arab News Bulletin (12 December 1947) pasted into the back pages, as well as a three-page manuscript parody of Dickens' Oliver Twist about Mr William Sikes and Mr Fagin, making a parallel between their disagreement over shared rooms and the situation in Palestine.
FormatPrinted material
Access StatusOpen
Creator_NameRichmond; Sir; John Christopher Blake John (1909-1990); archaeologist, writer and lecturer
Richmond; Diana Margaret Lyle (1914-97); writer and campaigner
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