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Ref NoEUL MS 115/26
TitlePeriodicals and Pamphlets, 1967-1971
DescriptionBox containing pamphlets, periodicals and newspapers relating to Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict, including 21 issues of Free Palestine (January 1970 - November 1971), Israel & Palestine Nos.1-4 (1971), a dossier of fact sheets 'The Arabs under Israeli Occupation, 1969) in a soft box published by the Arab Women's Information Committee along with other fact sheets covering Deir Yassin, Lebanon, and the American peace plan etc (1970), six issues of The Arab magazine (1970), two issues of ISRACA (Israeli Revolutionary Action Committee Abroad) No. 2 (March 1970) and 4 (March 1971), Hebdo-Temoignage Chretien (Special Supplement for No.1431), five issues of Fateh (1970), The Middle East Newsletter (June-July 1970), a Times supplement on military expansionism in the Middle East (18 December 1970), material published by the Conference Mondiale des Chretiens pour la Palestine/World Conference of Christians for Palestine, including a large French brochure on Jerusalem and its history, Interstate No.3 (1970), twenty issues of Bible Lands (1967-1971), four issues of Flash (1970-71), William Holladay, 'Zionism-Judaism. Is the Old Testament Zionist?' (1968), press releases by the American Jewish Alternatives to Zionism Inc. (1970), a typescript on 'Violence and Dialogue in the Middle East' delivered at the Middle East Institute Annual Conference (October 1970), Minority Rights Group Report No.5 on The Southern Sudan and Eritrea (1971), Impact No.2 (June 1971), publications by the Institute for Palestine Studies, including a report on The Desecration of Christian Cemeteries and Church Property in Israel (1968), Search for Peace in the Middle East. A Quaker Study (1970), K.F. Yusuf, 'Arab-Israeli War of June, 1967' Fayez Sayegh, 'The Arab-Israeli Conflict' (1964), 'The United Nations and the Palestine Question' (1965) and 'Palestine, Israel and Peace' (reprint, 1970), Barbara Smith, 'Israel's Unfinished War', an election pamphlet printed in Jerusalem in 1969 for Uri Davis, Yosi Levi and Israel Shahak, two booklets by ZOOT (Zionists out of Occupied Territories), various CAABU pamphlets, newsletters and reprints, Norton Mezvinsky 'The Character of the State of Israel' (1971), The Conflict in the Middle East and Religious Faith (British Council of Churches, 1970), Gaza: British Press Reports (Arab League, 1971), David Nes, 'The June War in the Middle East', 'Our Relations with Israel and the Arabs', 'Peace in the Middle East' and 'Our Middle East Involvement' (1969-71), Kennett Love, 'The Dangerous Middle East Double Standard' (1971), fourteen reports and 'position papers' issued by the American Committee for Justice in the Middle East, a reprint of Parker Hart's essay on An American Policy Toward the Middle East, selections from an international symposium: 'To Make War or Make Peace in the Middle East' (1969), A.L. Tibawi, 'Jerusalem: its place in Islam and Arab history' (1969), Quaker Service (February - April 1971), a copy of letters by John Reddaway to the Times (1971), a list of publications by the PLO, two issues of monthly magazine Arab Palestinian Resistance (June, August 1971), Venture 22:8 (September 1970), Palestine. Democratic State (Fateh reprint, 1970), seven pamphlets published by the Fifth of June Society, including Georges Corm, 'Israel in the International Strategy of the Western Powers' and Fr. Jean Corbon, 'Western Public Opinion and the Palestine Conflict'.
LanguageEnglish; French; Arabic
FormatPrinted material
Access StatusOpen
Creator_NameRichmond; Sir; John Christopher Blake John (1909-1990); archaeologist, writer and lecturer
Richmond; Diana Margaret Lyle (1914-97); writer and campaigner
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