RepositorySpecial Collections Archives (GB 0029)
Ref NoEUL MS 115/29
TitlePeriodicals and Pamphlets, 1973
DescriptionBox containing pamphlets, periodicals and newspapers relating to Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict, as well as some personal correspondence, CAABU day-books and other papers, including 23 issues of Israleft (Nos.9-31, 1973), twelve issues of Free Palestine (January - December 1973), thirteen issues of Flash of Damascus magazine (1973), Israca No.5: 'The Zionist State and Jewish Identity: a critique' (January 1973), four issues of Bible Lands (1973), Report No.14 of the Minority Rights Group on 'Rom: Europe's Gypsies', Notre Combat (July 1973) on 'Les Chretiens et le judaisme', eight issues of Middle East Perspective (January - December 1973), eight issues of Israel & Palestine (1973) including special issues on the October war, eighteen issues of Israeli Mirror (January - December 1973), a French pamphlet by H. & P. Jacot, 'Le Sionisme: analyse historique', produced by the Conference Mondiale des Chretiens pour la Palestine, Issue No.108 of Local Government Abroad with an article on 'Jerusalem's Planning Problems' (June 1973), reports from the American Committee for Justice in the Middle East, Michael C. Hudson's plenary address to the 26th Annual Conference on World Affairs, 13 March 1973: 'The U.S. and the Mideast in the Second Nixon Administration', an envelope containing various papers (including publications by the Fifth of June Society, published notes on the 24th anniversary of Deir Yassin, reports of police mistreatment of Arabs in Germany and a graphic poster printed by the Democratic Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine highlighting Israeli atrocities), eight issues of 'Viewpoint' with some correspondence about the journal between its editor, the Richmonds and Dr Israel Shahak, further correspondence and papers from Israel Shahak on human rights issues and the New Left in Israel, English and French typed papers from the Conference Mondiale des Chretiens pour la Palestine at Canterbury, September 1972, along the text of funeral orations for Palestinian leader Kamal Nasser, a small booklet about Shlomo Hizak, a Christian convert from Jewish Orthodoxy, a leaflet about the Society of In'Ash el-Usra, Bireh, concerning sponsorship of the children of war victims, CAABU Newsletter (Spring 1973) and Annual Report (1972/3), plus three CAABU day-books in which Diana Richmond has recorded various notes, Le Monde excerpts, comments on media coverage, and an outline of Sir John Richmond's 'Pilot Course on Islam' at the School of Oriental Studies.
LanguageEnglish; French
FormatVarious formats
Access StatusOpen
Creator_NameRichmond; Sir; John Christopher Blake John (1909-1990); archaeologist, writer and lecturer
Richmond; Diana Margaret Lyle (1914-97); writer and campaigner
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