RepositorySpecial Collections Archives (GB 0029)
Ref NoEUL MS 115/30
TitlePeriodicals and Pamphlets, 1973-74
DescriptionBox containing pamphlets, periodicals and newspapers relating to Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict, including ten issues of Free Palestine (January - December 1974), eighteen issues of the Israeli Mirror (January - December 1974), ten issues of Flash of Damascus magazine (1974), three issues of Bible Lands (1974), five double issues of Viewpoint (January - November 1974), eight issues of Israel & Palestine with related ephemera (1974), a series of seven A4 pamphlets entitled The Voice of Zionism issued by Middle East International, an envelope of Middle East International press releases, six issues of Middle East Perspective (January - August 1974), five colour magazine supplements, either in whole or in part: 'Marseilles: the legacy of hate' [on Arab immigration to France] (Sunday Times, 6 January 1974), John Grigg on 'Roots of the Middle East Conflict' (Observer, 17 March 1974), 'Sadat of Suez' (Sunday Times, 25 August 1974), 'The Jews' (Observer, 10 November 1974), 'The Christians' (Observer, 17 November 1974), 'Islam' (Observer, 24 November 1974), 15 issues of Facts Today in the Middle East (December 1973 - November 1974) including a supplement on Israeli reprisals for the Maalot massacre in May 1974, issue nos.91 and 94 of World Faiths (1974), Minority Rights Group Report No.12 on Israel's Oriental Immigrants and Druzes, Baghdad No.9 (July 1974), various small pamphlets, including two on the Palestine Archaeological Museum, the second edition of 'Palestine: Background to Conflict', Arab Palestinian Resistance Vol.5, No.7 (July 1973), UNRWA and the Palestinian Refugees, The Myth of Israel's Fight for Survival, Arab Refugees and Zionist Propaganda (CAABU), material relating to Mother Teresa's campaign work for the Gaza Strip including a letter to Lady Richmond from Rev. P.F.D. Spargo, Ariel. A Quarterly Review of Arts & Letters in Israel, No.35 (1974), Commerce International (May 1974) containing an article by Sir John Richmond on Saudi Arabia, a published list of American and British Doctoral Dissertations on Israel and Palestine in Modern Times (Xerox University Microfilms, 1973), various reprints and presscuttings on topics including the Zionist Youth Movement, the new prosperity of the Arab World, human rights, 26 years of Israel copies of hand-drawn maps of The Sinai Peninsula, Golan Heights and the Road from Damascus to Quneitra, an issue of The Friend: Quaker Weekly Journal (June 1974), with a typed note inside from the editor, David Frith, to the Richmonds' son-in-law Richard Morphet.
LanguageEnglish; French
FormatVarious formats
Access StatusOpen
Creator_NameRichmond; Sir; John Christopher Blake John (1909-1990); archaeologist, writer and lecturer
Richmond; Diana Margaret Lyle (1914-97); writer and campaigner
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