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Ref NoEUL MS 115/31
TitlePamphlets and Periodicals, 1975
DescriptionBox containing pamphlets, periodicals and newspapers relating to Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict, including ten issues of Free Palestine (January - December 1975), thirteen issues of the Israeli Mirror (January - December 1975), seven issues of Flash of Damascus magazine (January - December 1975), 25 issues of Facts Today in the Middle East (January - December 1975), three issues of Bible Lands (1975), 22 issues of Israleft (January - December 1975), Minority Rights Group reports on Southern Sudan and Eritrea (No.5), The Kurds (No.23), The Palestinians (No.24), Arab Women (No.27), eight issues of Israel & Palestine with related ephemera (January - December 1975), Issues 1-4 of Gazelle: translations from Arabic Literature, Israel Shahak, 'The Non-Jew in the Jewish State' (1976), The Round Table (July 1975), a signed typescript by Hugh Caradon, 'Lord Caradon: Return to Jerusalem - Middle East Impressions and Reflections' (1975), two issues of the Palestine Information Bulletin (January-February and March-April 1975), Palestine Lives! No.2 (March 1975), Palestinian Political Prisoners and Repression in Israel and the Occupied Territories (1975), three issues of Irish Arab News (1975), two issues of Eurabia (July and October 1975), two issues of The Kuwaiti Digest (January-March and October-December 1975), The Middle East No.9 (June 1975), What's Left on the Jewish Question (Manchester: Jewish Socialists Group, 1975), various CAABU newsletters and leaflets, plus their annual report 1975/6 and two copies of Michael Adams' 'Signposts to Destruction. Israeli Settlements in the Occupied Territories' (, World Faiths No.96 (1975), Israel Horizons Vol.24:2 (February 1976), Mgr. Joseph Ryan, 'Some Thoughts on Jerusalem' (1975), Peter Hellyer, 'Israel and South Africa. The Development of Relations, 1967-74', and a copy of Catholic Near East magazine (Winter 1975) with two leaflet on the Catholic Near East Welfare Association and Pontifical Mission for Palestine'.
FormatPrinted material
Access StatusOpen
Creator_NameRichmond; Sir; John Christopher Blake John (1909-1990); archaeologist, writer and lecturer
Richmond; Diana Margaret Lyle (1914-97); writer and campaigner
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