RepositorySpecial Collections Archives (GB 0029)
Ref NoEUL MS 143/15/1
Alt Ref No206
TitlePapers relating to Petroleum up until the Second Gulf War
DescriptionFolder of presscuttings, telex reports and digest bulletins on Iraq's petroleum industry up until the Second Gulf War. Topics covered include export and production statistics, plans for a pipeline through Jordan, reports about the rise and fall of oil prices, Baghdad Observer reports about new refineries and gas stations, a photocopied article from The Houston Post on Iraq's position as the Port of Houston's largest trading partner due to its $1 billion imports of crude oil, details of Iraqi government resolutions on from the Ministry of Oil, an article in the Australian Oil and Gas (AOG) publication on 'Iraq is rapidly re-emerging as a major oil power' (May 1990), a typed sheet of Iraq oil statistics for July 1990, an article by Shamkhi Faraj, 'Responding to changed oil market conditions: the case of Iraq' in the OPEC Bulletin (March 1990), various cuttings from Petroleum Intelligence Weekly on price changes and Iraq's opposition to OPEC's reduction in oil prices, profiles of Drs Ramzi Salman and Homoud Al-Rqobah - leading figures in the petroleum industry - and some international assessments of Iraq's longterm position and plans in the global oil market.
LanguageEnglish; French
Access StatusOpen
Creator_NameCrusoe; Jonathan Richard Huthwaite (1953-1991); journalist and writer
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