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Description 216/6/1 Papers of Mervyn Bennun as Group Secretary of Exeter Anti-Apartheid

1. Copies of correspondence, reports, discussion papers, press cuttings, invoices for publications and other goods for sale, receipts; a computer print-out list of selected South African organisations; an information pack from the Afrikaner AWB led by Eugene Ney Terre Blanche. 1983-1994.

2. Copies of correspondence, press cuttings, university brochures regarding the cultural and academic boycott of South Africa under Apartheid; a photocopy of notes of a presumed surveillance and targeting operation of the London Offices of the Anti-Apartheid movement and its staff by a hostile team of South Africans and their allies including British advisors, plus notes on a proposed coup attempt in the Seychelles. 1985-1993.

3. Pamphlets, leaflets and briefings concerning legal matters in South Africa, including powers of arrest and detention, self-help guides on legal rights; an information pack from the University of Cape Town's Institute of Criminology Legal Action Project (LEAP). 1977- 1986.

4. Information about South African legislation, including The Population Registration Act 1950; amendments to Acts including the Suppression of Communism Act 1950 and amendment of 1976; the 'Hiemstra Proposals'; the Terrorism Act 1967; the Public Order Act 1953; the Internal Security Amendment Act 1976.

5. A report by Lovell D Fernandez, Snr Research Officer, Institute of Criminology, University of Cape Town, entitled 'Police Abuse of non-political criminal suspects: a survey of practice in the Cape Peninsula Area (pages 1-4 missing); 3 letters to successive issues of the University of Exeter Staff Forum [1977?] concerning a motion to the Exeter branch of the AUT for members not to take up positions in South Africa.

6. Psychiatry, population control and genocide in South Africa: correspondence, reports and papers.

7. Background paper on South African/Israeli relations [?1978]

8. Book catalogues and fliers: Keegan's Bookshop of Cape Town, issues from May 1980 - October 1983; George Allen & Unwin; James Currey; the World Studies Centre, Bristol; doctoral dissertations on Southern Africa held on University Microfilms International Nov. 1980.

9. Small booklets about the ANC and the struggle against Apartheid in Africa. [1970, 1977, 1986, 1989]

10. A selection of United Nations Centre against Apartheid Notes and Documents series, Nov. - Dec. 1977; and Sept. 1979.

11. A selection of United Nations Centre against Apartheid Notes and Documents series, Nov. 1980 - Dec 1985, including a report from an International Conference on Women and Apartheid held in May 1982.

12. A selection of United Nations Special Unit on Palestinian Rights including reports on the third, fourth, fifth and sixth UN Seminars on the Question of Palestine 1981 - 1982.

13. Two working papers prepared by a member of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and of- the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs respectively for the seminar on the relations that exist between Human Rights, Peace and Development, held at the UN in Aug 1981

14. Papers from the UN Seminar on the Violation of Human Rights in the Palestinian and other Arab Territories occupied by Israel, held in Geneva on 29 Nov-3 Dec 1982.

15. 4 issues of Malibonwe, the newsletter of the ANC Women's Section. 1989 - 1990.

16. 2 issues of the RPC Newsletter, June and Dec 1985.

17. 3 issues of the Regional Cultural Committee's Cultural Newsletter, [1989?]

18. Copies of correspondence from John Dommisse to medical journals and organisations re psychiatry and medicine in Apartheid South Africa. 1987.

19. Various ANC discussion papers [mid 1980s?]; a D.N. Pritt Memorial Lecture by Albie Sachs, 1988; the 3rd annual Ruth First Memorial Lecture - Part 2 - by Albie Sachs 1985.

20. Reports from conferences of Lawyers opposed to Apartheid and a paper by Mervyn Bennum on Law, Archaeology and the academic boycott. 1987, 1989, [1990?].

21. Minutes from various anti-apartheid meetings held in places including Exeter, Manchester, Islington/South London and Hampstead/Barnet. 1993.

22. Union of South Africa 'Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into Assaults on Women, presented to both Houses of Parliament' 1913; Report of the Commission of enquiry into the Incidents at Sebokeng, Boipatong, Lekoa, Sharpeville and Evaton on 26th Mar 1990 to the State President' by R.J. Goldstone, 1990; Government Gazette 7th Nov 1990.

23. Discussion papers on organisation and policy for the ANC including papers on women' experience in South Africa, the Land, armed struggle and economics. 1989 - 1990.

24. United Nations Resolutions adopted by the General Assembly 36/172: Policies of apartheid of the Government of South Africa, 1982; United Nations Centre against Apartheid, Notes and Documents 7/92: UN Educational and Training Programme for Southern Africa, 1992.

25. Press Cuttings on South Africa 1989 - 1991; and copies of the Morning Star [20th Jun 1970] and Umsebenzi [Nov 1995].

26. Various leaflets and pamphlets including those of the South African Congress of Trades Unions. [1970-199]

27. 'The two South Africas, a People's Geography', published by the Human Rights Commission, Aug 1992

28. 'State of War: Apartheid South Africa's Decade of Militarism' produced by COSAWR, the Committee on South African War Resistance, in Britain. [n.d.]

29. Posters, ANC writing paper with pre-printed London office address and logo and a voting station envelope [1980s-1990s?]

30. Library index cards, some re-used for a second purpose.

31. Computer disk, labelled 'University Mailing (Rand [Afri?], port Elizabeth, [some?] Cape town). [n.d.]
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