RepositorySpecial Collections Archives (GB 0029)
Ref NoEUL MS 216/7
Extent2 boxes
TitleBox 7
Description216/7/1 Memorabilia; artefacts

1 3 vinyls from Radio Freedom, containing the Voice of the ANC and the People's Army Umkhouto We Sizwe.

2. A material armband with Velcro fastenings, labelled 'Election Observer'. N.d.
3. A plastic tabard with textile ties and high-vis stripes, labelled 'IEC' on a picture of a ballot box. [Crumpled] N.d.

4. A used yellow t-shirt labelled 'ANC (South Africa) with a depiction of the Congress of the People Wheel of Unity 1980-1995, and celebrating the 25th anniversary of the year of the Freedom Charter.

5. An empty, off-white postbag, with handwritten labelling 'Exeter - London Special Delivery 10 Downing St. London SW1' on one side. N. D.

6. A large off-white banner without poles, labelled 'Exeter Anti-Apartheid'. N.D.

7. 3 packs of paper [?labels or small flags?] in black, green and gold, labelled 'African National Congress'. N.D.

8. A large cotton tunic in ANC colours with illustrations, labelled 'ANC 75 years'

9. A baseball cap, illustrated with a shield and spear, the wheel of change and 'African National Congress; Power to the People' N.D.

10. A huge banner without poles, in black, green and gold, labelled 'ANC'. N.D.

11. 2 A4 printouts with the text 'Give the ANC a voice' and 'Support our Election Fund'; a small coloured sticker of the S.A. Congress of Trade Unions with the slogan 'an injury to one is an injury to all'. N.D.

12. A greetings card from Taunton branch of Amnesty International with 'Congratulations on achieving the vote at last! Hope all goes well on the 27th' ; and 4 colour photographs, one dated June 1984, 3 of demonstrations, 1 showing Mervyn Bennun, one of an event hosted by Lawyers for Hunan Rights Western Cape'.

13. A small piece of green [taffeta?] material; and 3 short lengths of black, green and gold ribbons sewn together.

14. Multiple small, round, metal and enamel, black and white badges labelled 'Exeter Apartheid Free'.

15. Multiple copies of a small leaflet labelled 'Countdown to Democracy Support Women in South Africa - campaign for free and fair elections. [1994].

16. A round yellow Anti-Apartheid collection tin [made of Plastic], labelled 'Change for Change.

17. 4 mugs in individual white polystyrene protective boxes. Produced by the Anti-Apartheid Movement and calling for South Africa Freedom Now.

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