RepositorySpecial Collections Archives (GB 0029)
Ref NoEUL MS 241/1/4
TitleMaterial on travel and tourism in the Middle East
DescriptionLarge folder of leaflets, magazines, typed articles, presscuttings and other material relating to travel and tourism in the Middle East, especially Syria and Jordan. These include an issue of the Syrian magazine 'Flash' (No.72-3, July 1978) containing an article on the ancient city of Ebla, another article on Ebla by Tor Eigeland, John Munro on 'Palmyra - a portent?', two Syrian tourist leaflets on 'The Syrian Coast' and 'Deraa & Soueida', a fold-out visitors' guide to Ras Shamra and Ugarit (1967), three issues of 'Jordan' magazine (Summer 1978, Winter 1979 and Winter 1981/82) containing various articles on the country's topography, culture and history, typred notes and a map of Marquab Castle, an article by Dr Jeremy Johns, 'Snakes, Lions of the Desert and the Elephant of Christ' (Alma Mater, ca. 1992), Daniel da Cruz, 'Lady Hester Stanhope, "Queen of the Desert"' (Aramco World Magazine, n.d.), William Tracy, 'Tourist Caravan' (Aramco World Magazine reprint, n.d. but 1968), a copy of a ten-page typed article by J.A. Speares on 'La Vaux Moise - First and Last Stronghold of the Crusaders in Jordan still holds its secret', with the stamp of John Julius Norwich, a duplicated copy of five page typescript by T.H. Fraser, in foolscap folio, 'By Car to Petra' (April - May 1931), a short list of books and key dates relating to Jordan, a 1971 map of Syria with black and white photographs of famous sites on the back, and copies of pp.315-360 of a typed transcript from an unknown traveller's journal, from 26 November to 9 December 1852, describing a journey with two companions through the Arabah to Petra.
Access StatusOpen
Creator_NameAdams; Michael Evelyn (1920-2005); journalist
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