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Ref NoEUL MS 301/1
Datec 1978-c 2000
Extent1 box
TitleVarious papers and articles of Sheila Hodges including research materials for 'Gollancz: the story of a publishing house' (1978-c 2000)
DescriptionMS 301/1/1
Envelope containing copy of article by Sheila Hodges published in 'Music Review' vol 52 (Feb 1991): 12-30, entitled 'Venanzio Rauzzini: 'The First Master for Teaching in the Universe''.

MS 301/1/2
Envelope containing two copies of an article by Sheila Hodges published in 'Music Review' vol 50 (May 1989): 93-102, entitled ''One of the Most Accomplished Women of Her Age': Anna Storace, Mozart's First Susanna'. The contents also contain notes by Sheila Hodges for a lecture on Anna Storace entitled 'Da Ponte's First Susanna' [n.d.] and an entry for the International Dictionary of Opera (1990) entitled 'Nancy Storace' as well as further notes on the singer.

MS 301/1/3
Envelope containing an article by Sheila Hodges published in 'Opera Quarterly' vol 8 (Autumn 1991): 9-26, entitled 'Mozart and Da Ponte: A Historic Partnership'.

MS 301/1/4
Envelope containing research material for an unpublished article on Susan Burney by Sheila Hodges, [n.d.]. The contents consist of four photocopies of articles on Susan and Fanny Burney as well as a typewritten copy of the finished article.

MS 301/1/5
Envelope containing an [? unpublished] article by Sheila Hodges, entitled 'The Early Years of Children's Hour', c 2000. (Sheila Hodges' father, C E Hodges was 'Uncle Peter' on BBC Radio in the 1920s and 1930s and Sheila appeared in some of the early programmes). The article appears to have been written for inclusion in the BBC archives. The envelope also contains one page of typewritten notes, one page of handwritten notes and a letter from the BBC (together with a copy of the reply) relating to the article.

MS 301/1/6
Envelope containing copies or clippings of reviews of Sheila Hodges' biography of Lorenzo Da Ponte entitled 'Lorenzo Da Ponte: The Life and Times of Mozart's Librettist'. The contents contain reviews from 'Los Angeles Performing Arts' (Oct 1991): 53-56; 'The Times' (16 Jan 1986); 'British Book News' (Jan 1986); a syndicated review by John Barkham which appeared in various newspapers in the USA, c 1986; 'ALA Booklist' (Aug 1986); 'International Herald Tribune' (27 Oct 1986) with an attached letter by the reviewer Henry Pleasants; 'Daily Telegraph' (5 Oct 1985) with an attached letter by the reviewer Peter Stadlen; 'Times Higher Education Supplement' (18 Oct 1985); 'The Tablet' (18 Jan 1986); 'Grand Street' vol 6, no 2 (Winter 1987): 186-193; 'The Observer' (13 Oct 1985); 'Country Life' (7 Nov 1985): 1449-1450. Also included is a photocopy of an interview with Sheila Hodges conducted by John Greenhalgh entitled 'Story of a Librettist: Da Ponte' taken from 'Classical Music', 23 Nov 1985.

MS 301/1/7
Folder mostly containing copies or clippings of reviews of Sheila Hodges' 'Gollancz: The Story of a Publishing House' (1978). The reviews are taken from: 'Books and Bookmen' (Jun 1978); 'The Bookseller' (22 Apr 1978); 2418-2419; a review by Neville Braybrooke in an unknown newspaper [c Jun 1978]; 'Eastern Daily Press' (Norwich) (26 May 1978); 'The Scotsman' (13 May 1978); 'Jewish Chronicle Literary Supplement' (9 Jun 1978); 'Director: Journal of the Institute of Directors' (c 1978); review by Sonja Bergvall (in Swedish with English translation) in 'Svensk Bokhandel' vol 21 (1978): pp1245-1246 [see also letters from Sonja Bergvall in MS 301/1/9]; 'Surrey Advertiser' (5-6 Jun 1978); 'The Times' (20 Apr 1978); 'The Economist' (22 Apr 1978); 'Sunday Times' (23 Apr 1978); 'Times Literary Supplement' (c 1978); 'The Observer' (c 1978); 'The Spectator' (22 Apr 1978); 'The Financial Times' (c 1978); 'The Oxford Times' (28 Apr 1978); 'The Irish Press' (27 Apr 1978); 'The Yorkshire Post' (20 Apr 1978); 'Gollancz News of Authors and Books' (16 Jan 1978); 'Methodist Recorder' (27 Apr 1978); 'Liverpool Daily Post' (20 Apr 1978); 'Oxford Mail' (20 Apr 1978); 'Edinburgh Evening News' (c 1978) (a letter to Georgina Denison from the reviewer is attached).

The contents also include:
A printed page from an unknown journal advertising 'Gollancz: The Story of a Publishing House', 1978
A copy of a typed letter from Colin Wilson to Liz Calder at Gollancz Ltd commenting on the book, 1978
A typed letter from Frank Allaun, MP to Sheila Hodges thanking her for a sending a copy of the book, 1978
A typed letter from Daphne du Maurier to Sheila Hodges referring to the book. A copy of Sheila Hodges' reply is also attached, 1978)

MS 301/1/8
An A4 envelope containing typewritten proposed entries for the revised 'Dictionary of National Biography', c 1996, on Victor Gollancz, A J Cronin, Arthur Herman Gilkes, and Christopher Herman Gilkes. The following research material is also included: the Gollancz entry includes a completed DNB source sheet; the Arthur Herman Gilkes article includes a photocopy of an obituary from 'The Alleynian' vol 50, no 372 (Oct 1922); the A J Cronin entry includes a copy of obituary from 'The Times' (10 Jan 1981).

MS 301/1/9
A folder containing research material, etc for 'Gollancz: The Story of a Publishing House'. The contents include:

Newspaper and journal cuttings and photocopies: Article entitled 'The Book Society', in 'Time and Tide', (13 Feb 1932); 'Obituary: Sir Victor Gollancz' in 'The Times', (9 Feb 1967); 'Obituary: Sir Victor Gollancz' in unknown newspaper [c Feb 1967]; A J Hoppe, 'Book-wrappers' in 'The Publisher & Bookseller', (5 Aug 1932); Gordon Barrick Neavill, 'Victor Gollancz and the Left Book Club' in 'The Library Quarterly', vol 41, no 3 (Jul 1971); C H Rolph, ['Review'], 'Surrey Advertiser', [c 1978].

Miscellaneous ephemera including a folded card with a drawing of the Gollancz offices [n.d.]; an invitation card (in the style of a yellow Gollancz dustwrapper) for a Gollancz 10th anniversary dinner, 1937, containing a number of autographs on the back (including Victor Gollancz, Norman Collins, Elsa Thomas, Vera Strawson, D N Pritt, Celia Strachey, Harold Laski, John Strachey, Frank ? Strawson, Livia Gollancz, Alan Thomas, Stella Churchill, Dickie Bird); an invitation card for a Victor Gollancz 60th birthday dinner, 1963; an invitation card for a Gollancz 50th anniversary dinner, 1978.

A brief typed transcript of a recorded interview with Victor Gollancz [n.d.] and a transcript of an interview between Sheila Hodges and Clive Jordan [recorded 2 May 1978].

Various letters to Sheila Hodges (some with replies attached): Sonja Bergvall, 1978; Nicolas Freeling [real name: F R E Nicolas], 1976; Colin Wilson, 1975-1976; Anthony Price, 1977; Celia Fremlin, 1976-1977; Philip Unwin, 1977; Sir Rupert Hart-Davis, 1977; Marion Miller, 1978; Jessica Mitford, 1979; A Milton Runyon, 1978; Herbert Jones, 1976-1978; Frederic Dannay, 1976; J I M Stewart, 1976; Robert Robinson, 1976; Peter C Brown, 1976; Dorothy Horsman, 1977; R C Sheriff, 1969; Rosalind Wade, 1977; Robert Lusty, 1978; Lettice Cooper, 1978; Ernest Ingham, 1976; Colonel Lyndell Urwick, 1975; Gordon B Neavill, 1976; Roy Walker, 1975; Bruce Montgomery, 1977; Philip Toynbee, 1976; Richard Lowenthal, 1976; Bernard Glemser, 1976; Daphne du Maurier, 1977; Jon Wynne-Tyson, 1977; Diana Collins (wife of Canon John Collins), April 23rd [1970s]; Kingsley Amis, 1977; Ursula Le Guin, 1977; Phyllis Bentley, 1977.

Letter by Sheila Hodges in reply to a review in 'The Bookseller' of 'Gollancz: The Story of a Publishing House', 1978.

Typed copy of handwritten letter to Vincent Sheean, 1977.

Copy of 'Signature' journal, Mar 1947 including an article on typographer Stanley Morison who designed early covers for Gollancz.

Programme for 'Eastercon '77' with an article on Sheila Hodges' husband, John Bush, 1977.

Article on history of Gollancz, by Sheila Hodges, entitled 'Fifty Years' Publishing' for publication in 'Review Bulletin' or 'School Library Bulletin', with letter from John Bush (SH's husband) to Education Department of Victoria, Canada, in reply to publisher, 1978.

Lecture by Victor Gollancz entitled Printing and Selling presented at The Double Crown Club's 18th dinner, 1928 [see letter from Herbert Jones for details].

Draft publicity flyer for series of books entitled 'Victory Books', Jul 1940

One typed sheet entitled 'Details of Prize Competition' for members of The Left Book Club [c 1939]

Letter from Mitsukoshi Limited (Department Store) protesting at the views of Gollancz regarding Japan's behaviour towards China, c 1937.

Letter to Victor Gollancz from Malcolm Stuart Boylan, 1961.

Typed copy entitled ''Campaigns' etc Run and Books Written by V G [Victor Gollancz] (The Dates are Approximate)' [c 1956].
Printed material
Access StatusOpen
Creator_NameHodges; Sheila; author and editor (d. 2015)
Allaun, Frank (1913-2002); politician
Amis; Kingsley (1922-1995); author
Maurier, Daphne du (1907-1989); author
Freeling; Nicolas (1927-2003); author
Gollancz; Victor (1893-1967); publisher
Davis; Sir Rupert Hart- (1907-1999); publisher and editor
Le Guin; Ursula (1929-); author
Mitford; Jessica (1917-1996); author and activist
Pleasants; Henry (1910-2000); reviewer
Robinson; Robert (1927-); presenter and writer
Stadlen; Peter (1910-1996); composer and reviewer
Toynbee; Philip (1916-1981); author
Wilson; Colin (1931-); author
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