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Ref NoEUL MS 370/1
Extent1 box
TitleBox List 1
Description370/1 Box 1 (transferred from plastic bag)

370/1/1 One red and black box file containing the following files :

370/1/1/1 One jiffy-bag containing:

3 letters from J.W. Balfour-Paul (father) to his father and mother written on active service during the Boer War in 1900.

Letter from Arthur Balfour to Sir James Balfour-Paul (Grandfather) dated 1901 (about the amputation of J.W.B-P's arm)

21 letters from J.W. Balfour-Paul to his father and mother written on active service, 1917-18

4 newspaper cuttings about J.W. Balfour-Paul's death.

A postcard dated 1925 from Robert T. Skinner to Sir James B-P.

Letter from J.W. B-P to G.B-P with drawings (undated)

A one-page passport issued to Lady Balfour-Paul (mother) for travel to Egypt in 1913.

A newspaper cutting about J.W.B-P's service during the Boer War

A Reichsbanknote for 100,000 Mark (undated)

A StadtcölnGutschein (City of Cologne voucher) for 10 Pfennig dated
370/1/1/2 Notebook, dated on the flyleaf February 1906, presumably by J.W. B-P. Contains notes dated from Feb. 1906 to Feb. 1929 about a variety of subjects: Scottish families, Scottish churches and chapels, epitaphs and epigrams, ghost stories, curious information and long descriptions of the coronation of George V in 1911and of the visit by King George and Queen Mary to Edinburgh in July 1911.

370/1/1/3 Accounts book of the Rev. W. Paul entitled : State of affairs of the Reverend W. Paul, Whitekirk, November 1863; continues to Sept. 18, 1865.

370/1/1/4 Cellophane bag containing handwritten material relating to the "Moreland Wood language" [invented by H.G. B-P and his brother Ian] and later known as Lob, such as a dictionary, drawings and poems and other writings in the Lob alphabet. Also contains a small book entitled "Squubery Jimpo, founded in 1927" and describing in English with drawings the house called Squubery Jimpo.

370/1/1/5 A dictionary (no. 2) of the Wood language.

370/1/1/6 Another dictionary (no. 3) of the Wood language.

370/1/1/7 Letter in H.G.B-P's handwriting (but unsigned and undated) addressed to his executors and recommending that the Lob material and his father's papers should be deposited in Exeter University Library Special Collections.

370/1/1/8 Not assigned

370/1/1/9 Negatives and photographs of writings in Lob.

370/1/1/10 Postcard from Venetia [Porter?] undated, saying that the author had heard Glen on the [radio programme] Home Truths.

370/1/1/11 Photocopies of material contained in 370/1/1/4, 370/1/1/5 and 370/1/1/6 relating to the Lob language.

370/1/1/12 Photocopies of extracts from the "Visitor's Book to Squubery Jumpo, 1927".

370/1/1/13 Photocopies of extracts from 370/1/1/3, the accounts book of Rev. W. Paul.

370/1/1/14 Four handwritten sheets relating to the Lob language.

370/1/1/15 Letter from H.G. B-P dated July 26th [192?] to his parents.

370/1/1/16 Four copies of 2-page typescript description of the Lob language.

370/1/1/17 Two copies of 2-page typescript memoir entitled "My parents in the Lothians".

370/1/2 File containing in 47 typescript leaves "The Voyage of Emir Fakhr-ddin To Europe" [by] Shafiq Jiha, Sadi Khayyat, Maha Samara, dated 5/2/1963. This is an unpublished translation of "Rihlat al-Amir Fakhr al-Din ila Italiya, 1613-1618" (the journal kept by Fakhr al-Din II, Amir of Lebanon (1572-1635) during his residence at the court of the Grand Dukes of Tuscany, 1613-1618) and undertaken as a project by three students in the History Faculty of the American University of Beirut, [Shafiq Jiha is also known as Shafiq Juha].

370/1/3 File containing in 143 leaves of typescript "Fakhr-ed-Din Al Ma'ni : a biography" by J.M. Collard. This appears to be unpublished. No information known about J.M. Collard, although from the preface it is clear that he had a good command of Arabic, French, Italian and German. The biography was probably written in the 1940s.

370/1/4 Correspondence (tied together) relating the Sudan Protocol of 1946 dated 1984-85: consisting of :
Letters to G B-P from K.D.D. Henderson, J.S.R Duncan (both senior British officials in pre-independence Sudan), Dr. Peter Woodward (professor the University of Reading), Sir Derek Riches (also a senior British official in pre-independence Sudan), Lesley Forbes (at that time Keeper of Oriental Books at the University of Durham), Gill Andreyev (whose father Hubert Huddleston was Governor-General of the Sudan)
and Richard Luce, M.P.(whose father Sir William Luce served in the Sudan 1930-1956).

Letters from G B-P to K.D.D. Henderson, Sir Derek Riches, Lesley Forbes, Gill Andreyev and Lady Robertson (widow of Sir James Robertson).

Photocopies of documents to do with the Sudan Protocol of 1947, being a letter from Sir James Wilson Robertson to Sir Thomas Creed dated 22/10/1946, a copy of the Sudan Protocol (from the Sudan Archive, University of Durham), and letter from Sir Hubert Huddleston to Sir William Luce dated 6/2/1947 and 16/3/1947.

Handwritten notes by G B-P on Sir James Robertson's book "Transition in Africa", plus a photocopy of a letter from the publisher Christopher Hurst to Sir James Robertson, dated 9/12/1974.

Handwritten notes by G B-P on Sir K.D.D.Henderson's activities in the Sudan in 1946 based on Foreign Office files.

370/1/5 Photocopy of Foreign Office document The Greater Syria Movement, dated 10/1/1948 (E 9137/42/65)

370/1/6 Typescript copy of G B-P's lecture to St. Antony's College, Oxford in the winter of 1986(?) on "Imperial tensions : the man in London the man on the spot".

370/1/7 Typescript draft for Exeter Tape A828 entitled "The Arab-Israeli conflict : from Jewish settlement to the establishment of Israel" (not dated).
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Creator_NameBalfour-Paul; Hugh Glencairn (1908?-2008); diplomat and scholar
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