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Description370/2 Box 2

370/2/1 Photocopy of "The Parish of Glencairn" by John Monteith [originally published in Glasgow by James Maclehose in 1876]

370/2/2 Grey, damaged folder containing :

Typescript copy of "Record of the Ceylon Mounted Rifles, with special reference to the contingent to South Africa, 1900" by J.W. B-P.

370/2/2/1 Draft layout (without text) of a 16 page pamphlet entitled "Record of the Ceylon Mounted Rifles, 1892-1938, dedicated by kind permission of his daughter, the Countess Roberts to the memory of Field Marshal the Rt. Hon. the Earl Roberts of Kandahar, VC, KG, KP, PC, GCB, OM, GCSI, GC IE R, 1950"

370/2/2/2 Bookplate "Ex Libris John William Balfour Paul"

370/2/2/3Photocopy of pages 242-252 of "After Pretoria : the Guerilla War", Part 41 of "With the flag to Pretoria" published by Harmsworth Brother, Nov. 5-Dec. 13, 1900 [author : H.W. Wilson]

370/2/2/4 Copy of 17-page pamphlet entitled "Diyatalawa, 1910", published by subscription, date and place not given ; includes 14 loose illustrations and envelope. [Diyatalawa was an army camp in Sri Lanka, established around 1885 by the British Army]

370/2/2/515-page typescript of "Record of the Ceylon Mounted Rifles, with special reference to the contingent to South Africa, 1900" by J.W.B-P.

370/2/2/6,White envelope containing:

370/2/2/6/1 Issue of "The home friend : magazine of the Scotch Girls' Friendly Society", dated July 1924.

370/2/2/6/2 Photograph of part of a letter by Margaret Paul (great-grandmother), dated 1851?

370/2/2/6/3 Two photographs of a letter by J.W.B-P dated 10 Jan, 1901, Pretoria.

370/2/2/6/4 Telegram dated Jan 13 1901 sent from Cape Town which reads : To "Paul, Heriot Row, Edin. Arm amputated, progressing favourably".

370/2/2/6/5 Two letters from J.W.B-P dated 18 Feb 1900 and 18 Dec 1900 sent to his mother from South Africa.

370/2/2/6/6 Photocopies of 370/2/2/3, 370/2/2/4, 370/2/2/5; the last photocopy has a pencilled note by H.G. B-P stapled to the text, which suggests that J.W. B-P wrote his history around 1938. 3 page photocopy of extract from an unknown book about the First World War, detailing the deaths of J.C. Monteith and his brother in 1915.[Both Jack and his brother William would have been H.G. B-P's uncles]

370/2/3 Blue folder, dealing with H.G. B-P's genealogy containing :

370/2/3/1 Photocopy of a talk given by H.G. B-P at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum Exeter in 2005? about Robert Louis Stevenson.

370/2/3/2 Eight page handwritten genealogy with notes.

370/2/3/3 Photocopies (on one page) of three newspaper obituaries of J.W. B-P, [dated 1957?]

370/2/3/4 Photocopies of extracts from books dealing with Balfour-Paul genealogy, including "Some Pauls of Glasgow and their descendants", by Sir James Balfour Paul [privately published in Edinburgh in 1912], and "The historic houses of Edinburgh" by Joyce M. Wallace [published in Edinburgh in 1987], many with handwritten notes by H.G. B-P.

370/2/3/5 Handwritten and typescript notes by H.G. B-P on his family history.

370/2/3/6 Letters and emails relating to the Balfour Paul family history.

370/2/3/7 Letter from Mrs. Brittain of Banstead, dated Jan 14, 1943 relating to the Balfour Paul family.

370/2/3/8 Photocopy of an article on H.H. B-P published in the Edinburgh News (no date).

370/2/4Transparent plastic folder on family issues containing :

370/2/4/1 Letter written by H.G. B-P to his parents on hearing of the death of his brother Cuthbert Monteith (Monty, 1910-c.1931) undated (but probably 1931).

370/2/4/2 One-page photocopy of a poem, entitled Glenluiart Poem 1902, by Lt. Co. Wm. Forbes of Callendar House, Falkirk.

370/2/4/3 Letter from Moira ? (10 Clarendon Crescent, Edinburgh) to Jill? dated 05/09/1996 about Canon John Paul of Gifford, East Lothian and his Relationship to the Balfour-Pauls.

370/2/4/4 Four page typescript extract from "memorials of his times" by Henry Cockburn, Lord Cockburn (edited W. Forbes Gray, Edinburgh, 1946), plus an short typescript extract from Boswell's "Life of Johnson".

370/2/4/5 Newspaper cutting from The Scotsman, dated January 1st, 1999, featuring a photograph of H-G. B-P's brother Ian trying to read by candlelight, due to a major power cut.

370/2/4/6 Photocopy of handwritten notes on the Cox and Monteith families.

370/2/4/7 Photocopy of a letter from J.W.B-P to Mrs Monteith (undated)

370/2/4/8 Photocopy of Muriel Monteith's (mother of H.G. B-P) birth certificate, Moniaive, 05/06/1880.

370/2/4/9 Photocopy of report on the "Funeral of the Rev. John Monteith", from The Dumfries Courier and Herald, 27/02/1886 and an obituary, from the same journal dated 24.02/1886,

370/2/4/10 Photocopy of part of a letter written by Ellen Monteith? (nee Neve, H.G.B-P's maternal grandmother) dated 05.03/1886.

370/2/4/11 Photocopy of photographs of H.G.B-P from 1918 and of "Scrap", H.G. B-P's brother Lyon (1914-1995).

370/2/4/12 Photocopy of funeral monument to Richard Le Neve in Westminster Abbey (1673) - on reverse details of the estate of W.T. Neve, c. 1920.

370/2/4/13 Photocopy of part of a letter written by Maria Neve (H.G. B-P's maternal great grandmother?) to her son.

370/2/4/14 Photocopy of a letter by H.G.B-P to his mother, dated 17/11/1918.

370/2/4/15 Photocopy of a 2-page extract from "The historic houses of Edinburgh" by Joyce M. Wallace [published in Edinburgh in 1987]

370/2/4/16 Photocopy of an extract from a local Bedfordshire newspaper announcing the death of John Cassells Monteith (H.G.B-P's
uncle) on 30/09/1915.

370/2/4/17 Two copies of J.W.B-P's bookplate.

370/2/4/18 Colour photocopy of the decree creating J.W.B-P Marchmont Herald.

370/2/4/19 "Tribute to the late Rev. W.N. Monteith [William, H.G.B-P's uncle] by the Rev. Dr. Playfair, St. Andrews, from the "St. Andrews Citizen", 09/10/1915.

370/2/4/20 Order of service for [Lord] Lyon Balfour Paul's funeral (died 11/19/1995) [H.G.B-P's brother]

370/2/5 Book of photocopied letters from Arthur Forman Balfour Paul to his daughter, Grizel Graham Balfour Paul ("Snook"), written during the First World War, together with family photographs. (A.F.B-P,1875-1938, was the son of Sir James B-P and H.G.B-P's uncle).
Foreword entitled "My dear Snook" by Jane E.M. Burnet, daughter of Grizel. Inside is a handwritten letter to Mrs Forman from her
husband, dated on the envelope August 1824.

370/2/6 Green folder containing letters from H.G.B-P during his wartime service with the Sudan Defence Force, 1941-44, mostly to his parents; includes one letter from K.[Kenneth Smith] addressed to "My Paul" and sent from RAF Station Shaibah, Iraq on 13/12/1941.[For letters to K. see Ms 370 add1/1/4]

370/2/7 Buff folder containing letters from H.G.B-P during his wartime service with the Sudan Defence Force, 1941-44 mostly to his parents and other members of his family.

370/2/8 Buff folder containing letters from H.G.B-P during his wartime service with the Sudan Defence Force, 1943-45 and with the Sudan Political Service 1945-48, mostly to his parents, other members of his family and to friends, including Kenneth Smith. Includes some replies.

370/2/9 Typescript copy of a letter to H.G.B-P's mother dated 18 August, 1958, Santiago, Chile.

370/2/10 Typescript copy of a letter to David dated 21 September, 1958 Santiago, Chile.

370/2/11 Handwritten "Ode to St. Catherine" in Latin, dated 28 February, 1946, Cakemuir. On the reverse is the handwritten draft of a letter, dated 1946, Cakemuir [B-P family home from 1926-1948]

370/2/12 Cardboard box containing correspondence relating to the publishing of "The Lyon's Tale", the autobiography of Sir James B-P. Includes letters from H.G.B-P to Sir Malcolm Innes and Peter Cadell and their replies, and a letter from Edinburgh University Press, all dated 1996-1997. Also contains photocopies of pp. 158-414 of the typescript of "The Lyon's Tale" (chapter seven to the end).

370/2/13 Complete text of the original text of H.G.B-P's autobiography, entitled "Turtles all the way down".
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Creator_NameBalfour-Paul; Hugh Glencairn (1908?-2008); diplomat and scholar
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