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370/3/1 Postcard dated 28 April 2008 and letter (undated, but around the same date) from Michael Mallinson to H.G.B-P about publishing H.G.B-P's Darfur archive.

370/3/2 Photocopy of the obituary of H.G.B-P by John Alexander, published in Sudan & Nubia, Bulletin no. 12, 2008. p. 106-107.

370/3/3 Map of Erdi Well area in Darfur, published in 1928.(O/S folder)

370/3/4 Grey cloth wallet containing H.G.B-P's notebooks, records and photographs of Sudan in the 1950s, scanned by Michael Mallinson in 2008 plus other material.

370/3/4/1 Blue paper wallet containing photographs of Darfur.

370/3/4/2 Plastic wallet containing slides of Darfur.

370/3/4/3 Drawing by H.G.B-P of "Fibula and bracelet, Um Rish".

370/3/4/4 Map of The Libyan Desert originally part of the Geographical Journal, August, 1933.

370/3/4/5 Two copies of offprints of H.G.B-P's article on Darfur, published in Kush, Vol. 2, 1954, pp. 5-18, entitled : "Sultans' palaces in Darfur and Waddai".

370/3/4/6 Copy of offprint of H.G.B-P's article on Darfur, published in the Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, Vol. 86, pt. 1, 1956, pp. 77-86, entitled : "A prehistoric cult still practised in Muslim Darfur."

370/3/4/7 Copy of article in Spanish by H.G. B-P entitled "Ballets africains prehistoricos", published in a Chilean newspaper, c. 1958.

370/3/4/8 Plastic folder containing assorted photographs, drawings and maps of Darfur.

370/3/4/9 Typescript copy (25 pp.) of "A camel journey through Northern Wadai, Ennedi, Borku and Tibesti - August 3rd- November 1st, 1938" [by Wilfred Thesiger; original deposited in the Sudan Archive, Durham, SAD 478/4/2?]

370/3/4/10 H.G.B-P's extensive 130-page notebook on Darfur, together with drawings, further unnumbered notes, and a typescript article entitled : "Two curiosities from Dar Masalit" [published in Sudan Notes and Records, Vol. 35, pt. 1, 1954, pp. 141-143].

370/3/5 Another photocopy of the obituary of H.G.B-P by John Alexander, published in Sudan & Nubia, Bulletin no. 12, 2008, p. 106-107.

370/3/6 Small sketchbook containing 16 drawings, two dated 1936 of I.V.B-P (brother), the others of Sudan, dated 1951 or 1952

370/3/7 Two photocopies of H.G.B-P's article "The very rich hours of the Sultan of Geneina", a handwritten article on "Abo Abdurahman Badreddin" [by H.G.B-P], an offprint of Arkell's article on "Darfur pottery" from Sudan Notes and Records, Vol. 22, pt. 1, 1939, pp. 79-88, a copy of H.G. B-P's pamphlet "History and antiquities of Darfur" (Khartoum, 1955), an offprint of H.G. B-P's article "Early cultures of the northern Blue Nile", from Sudan Notes and Records, Vol. 33, pt. 2, 1952, pp. 202-215, and photocopies of maps of Western Darfur and Southern Darfur (1944).

370/3/8 Map of North Western Sudan, published by Sudan Survey Dept., Khartoum, 1953.

370/3/9 Offprint of H.G. B-P's article "Sultans' palaces in Darfur and Waddai", from Kush, vol. 2, 1954, p. 5-18.

370/3/10 Map of Bir Bao (French Equatorial Africa), published by the Survey Office, Khartoum, 1928.

370/3/11 Map of 'Ein Aga (French Equatorial Africa), published by the Survey Office, Khartoum, 1928.

370/3/12 Offprint of A.J. Arkell's article "The Baza Festival in Jebel Meidob", from Sudan Notes and Records, Vol. 28, 1947, p. 129-134 + 9 plates.

370/3/13 Copy of A.J. Arkell's "The History of Darfur, 1200-1700 A.D.", originally published in four instalments in Sudan Notes and Records (Vol. 32, pt. 1, 1951, p. 37-70 ; Vol. 32, pt. 2, 1951, p. 207-238 ; Vol. 33, pt. 1, 1952, p. 129-155 ; Vol. 33, pt. 2, 1952, p. 244-275 ; includes folded map attached to end cover]

370/3/14 Offprint of H/G.B-P's article "Early cultures on the northern Blue Nile", from Sudan Notes and Records, Vol. 33, pt. 2, 1952.

370/3/15 Offprint of M.J. Tubiana's article "La pratique actuelle de la cueillette chez les Zaghawa du Tchad", from Journal d'Agriculture Tropicale et de la Botanique Appliquee, Vol. 16, Nos. 2-5, 1969, p. 55-83.

370/3/16 Copy of "Sudan Political Service, 1899-1956", published by Oxonian Press, Oxford, c.1956.

370/3/17 Two copies of A.H.M. Kirk-Greene's "The Sudan Political Service : a preliminary profile, published privately in Oxford in 1982.

370/3/18 Offprint of R.A. Bagnold's "A further journey through the Libyan Desert", from the Geographical Journal, Vo. 82, pts. 2-3, 1933, p. 1-52.

370/3/19 Offprint of the article by M.J. and J. Tubiana "Un people noir aux confines du Tchad et du Soudan : les Beri aujourd'hui", from Les Cahiers d'Outremer, vol. 26, no 103, 1973,. p. 250-261.

370/3/20 Copy of "Sudan verse", published by Chancery Books [London?], 1963. [Contains some poems by H.G.B-P.]

370/3/21 Three fliers for H.G.-B-P's autobiography "Bagpipes in Babylon", published by Tauris.

370/3/22 Offprint of M.J.Tubiana's article "Une coiffure d'apparat des femmes Zaghawa (kobe et kapka) et bideyat (bilia)", from Objets et mondes, Vol. 8, fasc. 2, 1968, p. 129-143.

370/3/23 Copy of A.J. Macgregor's "Darfur (Sudan) in the age of stone architecture, c. AD 1000-1750 : problems in historical reconstruction", published on Oxford by Archaeopress in 2001 as British Archaeological Reports, International Series, 1006. Tucked in are two letters from the author to H.G.B-P dated 25/2/2002 and 8/5/2002.

370/3/24 Photocopy of a typescript 42 page monograph by Andrew McGregor "The Islamic architecture of Darfur", dated April 13, 1992, MEI 348 Y. Stapled at the end of the monograph is a photocopy of 2 letters sent by A. McGregor to H.G.B-P, one from 3/9/1992, the other shortly afterwards. [The monograph appears to be unpublished but was submitted to the University of Toronto in 1992, according to the letter dated 3/9/1992]

370/3/25 Coloured postcard of "One the move : women of the Mahria tribe travelling in Darfur (Sudan)" [copyright by Arita Baaijens]

370/3/26 Photocopy of title-page and p. 312-315 of R.S.O'Fahey's "The Darfur Sultanate : a history" (London, Hurst, 2008).

370/3/27 Letter to H.G.B-P from John Alexander (a Cambridge archaeologist) dated 22/3/1997 requesting information of Sudanese burials.

370/3/28 Copy of Gerard Bailloud's "Art rupestre en Ennedi = looking for rock paintings and engravings in the Ennedi hills", published in Saint-Maur by Editions Sepia in 1997 in a bilingual French and English edition.

370/3/29 Copy of Andrew McGregor doctoral thesis submitted to the University of Toronto in 2000 "The stone monuments and antiquities of the Jebel Marra region, Darfur, Sudan, c. 1000-1750 AD.

370/3/30 Eleven letters from Andrew McGregor to H.G.B-P dated between December 1992 and October 2001. Also two short articles by A.M., "Bonaparte the Talib" (on George W. Bush) and "The tombs of the sons of Alexander the Great (and their dog) at Jebel Marra."

370/3/31 Letter (dated 15/02/2001) and undated email from Alberto Larocca (M.A. student ant the Institute of Archaeology, University College, London) about rock art in Darfur.

370/3/32 Letters in English and Arabic from Fathi al-Qasimi/Fathi Kasmi (Tunisian researcher) to H.G.B-P, dated 21/07/2002 concerning the 19th-century British Consul in Tunis, Richard Wood. Also photocopies of two articles in Arabic about Richard Wood and Anglo-Tunisian relations and one in English on the British Residence in Tunis.

370/3/33 Carbon copy of a letter from H.G. B-P to A.J. Arkell, dated 23/07/1953.

370/3/34 One page typescript extract from Geneina Newsletter of 27/06/1952.

370/3/35 Three double-sided extracts and sketch from a manuscript letter by H.G.B-P about Darfur (date and addressee unknown)

370/3/36 Black box file containing :

370/3/36/1 Newsletter of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, No. 11, November 1996.

370/3/36/2 Miscellaneous photocopies of drawings, photographs, plans and notes on ancient and mediaeval Sudanese palaces.

370/3/36/3 Letter from David N. Edwards (Dept. of Archaeology, Newcastle University) dated 30/05/1990 on excavations in the Sudan and postcard, dated 07/07/1997.

370/3/36/4 Letter from A.J. (Tony) Mills of the Dakhleh Oasis Project on Sudanese archaeology.

370/3/36/5 Photocopies of p. i-viii, 1-159 of "The Archaeological map of the Sudan : section II - the area of the South Libyan desert", by Friedrich W. Hinkel, with the cooperation of Anthony J. Mills. and an introduction by Anthony |J. Arkell (Berlin, Akademie Verlag, 1979).

370/3/36/6 Correspondence between H.G.B-P and Dr. Thomas Higel of Breitenau (Germany) regarding archaeological sites in Darfur, dated between 18/02/2002 and 15/11/2002. Includes a photocopy of Higel's article "The coinage of 'Ali Dinar in the Sudan archives", Mare Erythraeum, Vol. 5, 2002, p. 89-97.

370/3/36/7 Printout of a computer file entitled "Balfour-Paul : rock art in Chad".

370/3/36/8 Miscellaneous photocopies of drawings on rock art in Chad and the Sudan.

370/3/36/9 Photocopy of an article from the Sudan Star of 03/06/1953 entitled, "Mr. P.L.Shinnie saved from drowning".

370/3/36/10 Letter from P.L. Shinnie (University of Calgary) to H.G.B-P, dated 10/07/2001 on Darfur.

370/3/36/11 Offprint of an article by David N. Edwards (Dept. of Archaeology, Newcastle University) "Three cemetery sites on the Blue Nile", Archéologie du Nil Moyen, Vol. 5, 1991, p. 41-64.
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