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TitleBox List 5
Description370/5 Box 5

370/5/1 Yellow folder with handwritten description "Uxbridge to swine, 1947, by horse-drawn carriage unto(?) Laurence Bussell, extract from journal(?) diary and copy of the 'Ballad of Gudy Tyngy'".

370/5/1/1 Photocopy of typescript of a poem entitled "The ballad of Gudy Tyngy and the Didecoys, in memory of Uxbridge-Swine, 1947" (2 sheets).

370/5/1/2 Photocopies of handwritten diary [by Laurence Bussell?], with illustrations, including pp.9-11, 19-20, 22-25, 31-32, 41-44.

370/5/2 Green folder containing information about and photographs of Margaret Anne Neve (H.G.B-P's mother's great aunt)

370/5/2/1 Old studio photograph of Margaret Anne Neve, with handwritten inscription on verso "Margaret Anne Neve, 1792-1897".

370/5/2/2 12 modern photographs relating to Margaret Anne Neve.
370/5/2/3 Handwritten letter from Emily Harvey to Mrs Monteith (H.G.B-P's mother-in-law?) (04/01/1900)

370/5/2/4 Photocopies of newspaper articles, etc., about Margaret Anne Neve, with two original newspaper cuttings (one from The Times possibly 19/05/1900) and one from a local [Guernsey?] newspaper dated 07/08/1999.

370/5/3 White envelope entitled "M.C.B-P's lecture on Ceylon, given many times in the 1920" and containing 23 handwritten pages [M.C.B-P is H.G.B-P's mother]

370/5/4 Puce folder containing a photocopy of the above lecture on Ceylon.

370/5/5 Puce folder containing a photocopy of "The Balfours of Pilrig : history for the family", by Barbara Balfour-Melville (Edinburgh, 1907) with handwritten notes by H.G.B-P.

370/5/6 Maroon folder containing correspondence and pictures relating to the Forman and Mitchell families.

370/5/6/1 Four letters and one email from Andrew Forman to H.G.B-P on family history (dated between 09/05/2002 and 18/11/2006).

370/5/6/2 Three photographs (one of John Nairne Forman and his wife Jane Mitchell, one a colour photograph of a portrait of John Nairne Forman (1806-1884) and one of a group of soldiers in WW2 uniforms) supplied by James Forman.

370/5/6/3 Photocopy of biographical information about Sir James Balfour-Paul (H.G.B-P's grandfather).

370/5/6/4 Photocopy of family tree of the Balfours of Pilrig.

370/5/6/5 Photocopy of a letter from Andrew Forman (21/10/1997) to I.V.Balfour-Paul (H.G.B-P's brother) on family history, together with a photocopy of "Settlement on Hannah Forman on death of husband John Forman, W.S.", dated 24/12/1841.

370/5/6/6 Handwritten letter from Philli to H.G.B-P dated 17/10/2003, together with photocopies of a typescript description entitled "Letters from Margaret B. Paul to her son the Revd. William, 1857-59" (4 pages)

370/5/6/7 2-page handwritten letter from Pixie [Campbell?] to H.G.B-P (06/05/????)

370/5/6/8 Short handwritten note about the life of Susan Moncrieff.

370/5/6/9 Handwritten letter from Jane (?) to Ann (Andrew Forman's sister?) (03/10/2006).

370/5/7 Buff envelope containing numerous handwritten letters from H.G.B-P's parents to each other, letters by other family members, handwritten notes on "The Gypsies", "Life in a caravan" several East European countries and also Canada by J.W.B-P (H.G.B-P's father), a newspaper cutting of the Scotland v. Ireland rugby team which included Hugh Monteith (H.G.B-P's uncle) and a photograph of the telegram telling J.W.B-P of the death of his son Monty.

370/5/8 Green folder containing letters between H.G.B-P and his friend Ian Spalding (1940-1944), a memorial letter by Greig Barr dated 25/10/1944, and a photocopy of a letter from Ian Spalding to his sister Jean (04/05/1943) together with a letter from her to H.G.B-P dated 24/05/2006.

370/5/9 Bound volumes of 219 pages of newspaper cuttings mainly from the Edinburgh Courant and Evening Express, 1875-1885, consisting of book and theatre reviews, with some travel and topical news; followed by cuttings from The Scottish News, The Scotsman, The Scots Observer, The Dundee Advertiser, and other magazines and newspapers, dated 1886-1895, on pages 220-258, covering a variety of subjects, including family history, obituaries and information about Glendevon. Bound in at the beginning of the volume is a handwritten index to the contents of. pages 1-190 (approx.).

370/5/10 Yellow plastic bag containing :

370/5/10/1 A copy of Scots in old Poland, by W.B.[Waclaw Borowy, 1890-1950] (Edinburgh, Oliver & Boyd for the Scottish-Polish Society, c. 1941).

370/5/10/2 Notebook belonging to J.W.B-P, containing notes on heraldry and genealogy and details of some of the contents of some newspapers from 1874 to 1888 (unrelated to either book of newspaper cuttings).

370/5/10/3 Bound book of newspaper cuttings from the 1920s to the 1950s, mostly obituaries, notices of the Balfour-Paul family and relatives and other information on Scottish history and sport.
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Creator_NameBalfour-Paul; Hugh Glencairn (1908?-2008); diplomat and scholar
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