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370/6/1 Photocopy of Genealogical table of the family of Balfour of Pilrig, shewing the descendants of Alexander Balfour of Inchyre c. 1470 and the collateral branches from James Balfour of Pilrig, 1681 (Edinburgh, Harley Brothers for Private Circulation, 1899).

370/6/2 Copy of The impact of oil revenues on Arab Gulf development, edited by M.S. El-Azhary (London, Croom Helm, 1984), which contains a chapter by H.G.B-P on "The impact of development on Gulf society" (p. 185-197).

370/6/3 Copy of The International History Review, vol. 23, no. 3, 2001, containing a book review by H.G.B-P of Tore Petersen "The Middle East between the Great Powers : Anglo-American conflict and cooperation, 1952-7" (p. 714-15).

370/6/4 CD-R containing images in jpeg format, entitled Bhagdad [sic], 1918-1920 (see 370/6/9)

370/6/5 Photograph album containing b&w photographs taken during H.G.B-P's time in the Arab Gulf, 1964-1968.

370/6/6 Loose sheet with three colour photographs of the United Arab Emirates pasted on.

370/6/7 Single b&w photograph of Dubai, 1961.

370/6/8 Paper wallet containing 3 photographs of Iraq (2 b&w from 1981?, one colour from the 1960s?)

370/6/9 Photograph album containing 34 b&w photographs of Baghdad, dated in a pasted-in handwritten list of contents, 1918-1921. On the inside cover of the album is the inscription "Souvenir of an older Baghdad to a friend" followed by an illegible signature, plus a note (in a different hand) "Old Baghdad, album given to Glencairn on his departure, late 1960s".

370/6/10 Green folder containing papers and talks given by H.G.B-P.

370/6/10/1 Typewritten text of a talk given to the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce on working in the Arab world [Unpublished?]

370/6/10/2 Photocopy of the typewritten draft of a paper given at the Exeter conference on Iraq, in 1982 entitled "Iraq : the Fertile Crescent dimension" [published in Iraq : the contemporary state, edited by T. Niblock, London, Croom Helm, 1982, p. 7-26].

370/6/10/3 Photocopy and original of the American University of Beirut magazine Forum, Vol. 40, no. 7, 1964, containing "A Druze Emir at the court of the Medici" by H.G.B-P (p. 26-31)

370/6/10/4 Two pages from Country Life, May 3, 1979 containing "Bequeathed to British ambassadors : Ben Ayed House, La Marsa, Tunisia", by H.G. B-P (p. 1390-1392).

370/6/10/5 Photocopy of an article by Avi Shlaim, entitled "His Royal Shyness : King Hussein and Israel", and published in the New York Review in the issue for July 15, 1999 (p. 14-18)

370/6/10/6 Notes for a paper entitled "A participant's perspective", given at a conference on "End of empire in the Arab Gulf", held at St. Antony's College, Oxford, May 27, 2000.

370/6/10/7 Typescript of H.G.B-P's paper "Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates : political and social evolution" [published in Arabia and the Gulf : from traditional society to modern states, edited by I.R. Netton, London, Croom Helm, 1986, p. 156-185].

370/6/10/8 Two copies of the typescript of a paper give by H.G.B-P to a CBI conference on 20 October 1983 entitled "Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar : the political dimension : some observations, comparisons and implications" [Unpublished?]

370/6/10/9 Photocopy of the typescript of "The impact of development on Gulf societies" given at a conference in Exeter in 1982 [published in The impact of oil revenues on Arab Gulf development, edited by M.S. El-Azhary (London, Croom Helm, 1984, p. 185-197].

370/6/10/10 Copy with letter to The Guardian (01/05/1999) of H.G.B-P's obituary of Edward Henderson.

370/6/10/11 Typescript of a paper given at a conference in Exeter 1979 entitled "The Great Powers & the Gulf" [Unpublished?]

370/6/10/12 Typescript of a paper entitled "The Gulf as a focus of tension" [Undated, but probably 1981 or 82] [Unpublished?] [[not the same paper as 370/6/10/20]

370/6/10/13 Typescript of a paper given to the Middle East Centre, University of Cambridge, on 20 February 1969 entitled "Government in the Persian Gulf" [Unpublished?]

370/6/10/14 Handwritten copy of a paper entitled "Academia and the market place" given at the annual conference of the British Society for Middle Eastern Studies in 1980 [published in the British Society for Middle Eastern Studies Bulletin, Vol. 7, no. 2, 1980, p. 71-79].

370/6/10/15 Handwritten copy of a paper entitled "The Maghreb", given at a meeting of the Royal African Society in Bristol in February 1979. [Unpublished?]

370/6/10/16 Typescript of a paper entitled "Post-War role of the GCC", given to a CBI Conference on Middle East - Where Now? Post-Hostilities Developments, on 06/12/1989.[Unpublished?]

370/6/10/17 Typescript of a paper entitled "The Arab Gulf and the West : the implications of independence", with handwritten note "For Basra Conference (1984?) : published in the proceedings".

370/6/10/18 Typescript of a paper entitled "The prospects of peace", with a handwritten note "paper presented at Exeter Symposium in July 1983, [published in The Iran-Iraq War : an historical, economic and political analysis, edited by M.S. El-Azhary (London, Croom Helm, 1984, p. 126-169.]

370/6/10/19 Typescript of paper entitled "The future of the Gulf emirates : evolution or revolution" and paper copy of "The Gulf - evolution or revolution" published in Middle East International, 07/05/1982, under the name of James Tyson.

370/6/10/20 Typescript of a paper entitled "The Gulf as a focus of tension", with handwritten note "Oriental Institute, Oxford, 1988?" [Unpublished?]. [not the same paper as 370/6/10/13]

370/6/10/21 Handwritten text of a paper entitled "The Arab league and its commercial significance", given at a CBI Conference, 11/05/1983. [Unpublished?]

370/6/10/22 Typescript of a paper entitled "The United Arab Emirates : how and why did they unite?" [No more details. Unpublished?]

370/6/10/23 Carbon copy of typescript entitled "Britain & Chile : a record of the British contribution to the independence and development of the Republic of Chile", with handwritten note "1959".

370/6/10/24 Pages 19-20 from Middle East International, 10/12/1982, including "Letter from Abu Dhabi" by James Tyson [i.e. H.G.B-P].

370/6/10/25 Photocopy of an article by H.G.B-P entitled "Cave-paintings and camels", published in Blackwood's Magazine, No. 1690, August 1956 p. 132-47.

370/6/10/26 Typescript of a paper entitled "Iraq - the political environment", with handwritten note, "MEED Conference, Nov. 1980". [Unpublished?]

370/6/10/27 Photocopy of an short one-page article entitled "Letter from Tunis", published in Middle East International, 27/05/1983, under the name of James Tyson.

370/6/10/28 Pages 5-6 from Middle East International, 07/11/1980, including "Playing the game in the Gulf" by H.G.B-P.

370/6/10/29 Pages 13-14 from Middle East International, 11/12/1981, including "Wanted : the HCF for an Arab Venice", by H.G.B-P. Also photocopy of the article by H.G.B-P.

370/6/10/30 Typescript of a paper entitled "First imp
ssions of Tunisia : summary", with handwritten emendations. [Unpublished?]

370/6/11 Buff folder entitled "Beaford Poetry recital", containing :

370/6/11/1 Letter to H.G.B-P from Robin [?] about autobiographical publishing [09/12/2001]

370/6/11/2 Two pages from the Magdalen College Record for 2009 (p. i-ii, 235-236) containing on p. 235-236 a copy of H.G.B-P's obituary as published in the Guardian, on 22/08/2008.

370/6/11/3 Envelope containing the typescript of H.G.B-P's review of Alexander Maitland's biography of Wilfred Thesiger, together with a letter from John Shipman, editor of the British-Yemeni Society Journal, asking H.G.B-P to review the books for Asian Affairs [16/02/2006], and copies of reviews of the same book by Toby Green (The Independent, 17/02/2006), Sara Wheeler (Daily Telegraph, 11/02/2006 - photocopy), by Nick Smith (Geographical, no date) , and a copy of the obituary of Thesiger by Michael Asher (The Independent, 27/08/2003). [The review was published in Asian Affairs, New Series, Vol. 38, no. 2, 2007, p. 241-242.]

370/6/11/4 Letter from Richard Bulliet to the contributors to the Encyclopedia of the modern Middle East [New York, Macmillan Reference, 1996, 4 vols.] dated 04/11/1996.

370/6/11/5 Email from Roger Hardy to J.B-P [07/01/2002] asking for H.G.B-P's impressions of British withdrawal from the Gulf, together with an abstract of H.G.B-P's paper "The end of empire in the Gulf : a participant's perspective", given at a conference held at St. Antony's College, Oxford, May 27, 2000.

370/6/12 Two computer discs labelled "Glencairn's poems 2 - discs NB".

370/6/13 Computer disc labelled "Glencairns' memoirs".

370/6/14 White envelope containing handwritten "Notes for talk to the RGS [Royal Geographical Society] about his life" [undated].

370/6/15 Pink folder containing the typescript (and photocopy) of H.G.B-P's entry on Sir Anthony Parsons , for the New Dictionary of National Biography, together with the Guidelines for Contributors ,a completed Sources Sheet, photocopies of two articles about the New DNB by Colin Matthew, together with a letter from Colin Matthew, Editor of the New BNB [14/01/1999], two from Alex May, Research Editor 1990s of the new DNB [09/02/199 & 21/05/1999] and one from Colin Matthew's secretary [18/05/1999]. Also included are a photocopy of Sir Anthony Parson's obituaries from the Daily Telegraph [14/08/1996] and The Times [14/08/1996], a copy of the Gift Form for the Anthony Parsons Memorial Fund, and correspondence with the King's School, Canterbury [10/05/1999], Balliol College Oxford [20/04/1999, with photocopy of page 153 from the sixth edition of the Balliol College Register, 1940-1990] and with Emma Parsons [printout of email 16/04/1999; handwritten postcard 21/5/1999].

370/6/16 Clear plastic wallet containing five letters to H.G.B-P from Sir Reader Bullard [21/09/1969 to 09/08/1971] together with a carbon copy of Bullard's review of two books on Lawrence of Arabia for the Glasgow Herald.

370/6/17 Typescript of "Letter from Zabid", a short piece by James Tyson [H.G.B-P, for Middle East International?]

370/6/18 Handwritten notes on an ancient Mesopotamian seal, concerning the god Adad.

370/6/19 Paper copy of Blackwood's Magazine, No. 1690, August 1956, containing the article "Cave-paintings and camels" by H.G.B-P on p. 132-147.

370/6/20 Paper copy of Blackwood's Magazine, No. 1735, May 1960, containing the article "Beggar on a golden throne" by H.G.B-P on p. 405-416.

370/6/21 Buff folder containing reviews and short articles :

370/6/21/1 Review of The Gulf Cooperation Council, by John A. Sandwick, published in International Affairs, Vol. 64. 1988, p. 529-520. [printed copy]

370/6/21/2 One-page article entitled "Oil and security in the Gulf", published in Middle East International, 10/08/1980 [printed copy]

370/6/21/3 Review of The government and politics of the Middle East and North Africa, edited by David Long and Bernard Reich [1980 ed.], published in Middle East International, no. 131, 1980, p. 12-13. [Typescript].

370/6/21/4 Short article entitled "The Sudan is different too", published in Comet Bulletin, 1978 or 1979 [Typescript].

370/6/21/5 Draft of a review of Images of the Arab future, by Ismail-Sabri Abdalla and others, published in International Affairs, Vol. 60, 1984, p. 512-513 [Typescript].

370/6/21/6 Review of The Omanis : sentinels of the Gulf, by Liesl Graz, published in International Affairs, Vol. 59, 1983, p. 542-543 [Typescript].

370/6/21/7 Review of The shaping of an Arab statesman, edited by Patrick Seale, published in International Affairs, Vol, 1984, p. 343 [Typescript].

370/6/21/8 Review of The two Yemens, by Robin Bidwell, published in International Affairs, Vol. 60, 1984, p. 160-161 [Typescript].

370/6/21/9 Review of Yamani : the inside story, by Jeffrey Robinson, published in International Affairs, Vol. 64, 1988, p. 720-721 [Handwritten draft].

370/6/22 Offprint of "The Arab Gulf and the West : the implications of interdependence", with handwritten note "published by the Gulf Conference in Basra, 1989".

370/6/23 Offprint of "Excavation in Carthage, 1874 : first interim report", by Henry Hurst, originally published in The Antiquaries Journal, Vol. 55, pt. 1, 1975, p. 11-40.

370/6/24 Blue folder containing typescript of various [unpublished?] stories and essays by H.G.B-P, namely "The very rich hours of the Sultan of Geneina", "Serendipity", "Landscape with figures" and an untitled piece beginning "The minister of the Tron Kirk..."[all undated, except for last piece dated 1967].

370/6/25 Blue folder containing typescript essay "The Trucial States remembered" [unpublished?, and undated], and an article by H.G.B-P translated into Arabic and published in al-Tadamun, 15/10/1953 entitled "Hikayat fi al-Khalij 'umruha 20 'aman".

370/6/26 Black binder containing material for the Exeter University undergraduate course ARA 3005, on "Modern Arab and Middle Eastern history", for session 1998-99, comprising module description, seminar programme, bibliography, and weekly handouts containing chronological and background information.

370/6/27 Blue folder containing material on the "Fertile Crescent Project", including drafts of a paper by H.G. B-P entitled "Iraq : the Fertile Crescent dimension" [eventually published in Iraq, the contemporary state, edited by Tim Niblock (London, 1982), p. 7-26], a photocopy of "A guide to Sir William Luce's private papers deposited at the [Arab World] Documentation Unit August 1992" [redacted documents now held by the Special Collections, University of Exeter Library], photocopies of British Government documents from 1931 and 1933, plus handwritten notes on British official papers.

370/6/28 Copy of Fallen angels, 1956-1989 : their story, by Denis Vidler [private publication], which deals with reunions of members of the Sudan Political Service, and includes the speech given by H.G.B-P to the 1956 meeting.

370/6/29 Buff envelope containing :

370/6/29/1 Photocopy of the review of "Bagpipes in Babylon", by David Tatham, published online by the British-Yemeni Society at, printed off on 08/09/2009.

370/6/29/2 Review of The Middle East between the Great Powers, by Tore Petersen, published in the International History Review, Vol. 32, 2001, p. 714-715 [Typescript together with print-off of email correspondence relating to the review 20/11/2000].

370/6/29/3 Typescript letter from Michael [Munro?] [06/09/2002] plus handwritten letter [19/12/2002] and a copy of a letter from Leslie McLoughlin to Tim Niblock [14/11/2002/ all discussing the idea of "The Arab Student's vade-mecum".

370/6/29/4 Review of Arabia's frontiers, by J.C. Wilkinson, published in International Affairs, Vol. 68, 1992, p. 754 [Handwritten draft]

370/6/29/5 Typescript of "Letter from Siwa", published in Middle East International [?] under the pseudonym of James Tyson.
370/6/29/6 Review of Britain and the politics of modernization in the Middle East, 1945-1958, by Paul Kingston, published in British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, Vol. 24, 1997, p. 287-288 [Typescript, together with editorial correspondence dated 08/11/1996]

370/6/29/7 Letter of agreement [07/07/2005] between H.G.B-P and Eland Publishing concerning his contribution to Meetings with remarkable Muslims [edited by Barnaby Rogerson and Rose Baring and published in 2005]

370/6/29/8 Offprint of "On the road towards unity : the Trucial States from a British perspective, 1960-66", by Miriam Joyce, originally published in Middle Eastern Studies, Vol. 35, no. 2, 1999, p. 45-60.

370/6/29/9 Offprint of the "Bibliographical Section" of the British Journal for Middle East Studies, Vol. 26, no. 11, 1999, p. 89-132, including H.G.B-P's review of Mandate days : British lives in Palestine, 1918-1948, by A.J. Sherman, on p. 129-131.

370/6/29/10 Handwritten notes for Man of the Sea, a programme broadcast by STV in September 1989 [?]

370/6/29/11 Offprint of "Recent developments in the Persian Gulf", originally given as a talk to the Royal Central Asian Society on October 23, 1968, and subsequently published in the Royal Central Asian Journal, Vol. 56, 1969, p. 12-19.

370/6/30 Draft for H.G.B-P's chapter on "Britain's Informal Empire in the Middle East" [published as chapter 21, p. 490-514, of Vol. 4, "The twentieth Century" of the Oxford History of the British Empire, edited by Judith M. Brown and Wm. Roger Louis, Oxford, 1999] together with extensive correspondence relating to both the book and H.G.B-P's chapter [from 23/05/1993 to 27/1/1999], plus some reviews and related newspaper material.

370/6/31 Blue folder containing a copy of At home in Carthage : the British in Tunisia (Tunis, Trustees of St. George's Church, 1992), a short article by H.G.B-P "The British Residence at La Marsa" (p. 27-30) [no further details, perhaps published in Tunisian Highlights], photographs and drawings of the Residence, a short article by David Sweetman entitled "The little White Train", p. 26-28 [no further details, perhaps published in Tunisian Highlights], a photocopy of p. 90-99 from J. Revault's Résidences d'été de la région de Tunis, XVI-XIX siècles (Paris, 1974) and a letter from [Sir] Nicholas Henderson to H.G.B-P on Tunis [01/12/1977]

370/6/32 Blue folders containing correspondence :

370/6/32/1 Letter from Charles Lothingland [12/02/1999], together with a transcript of Lothingland's lecture on Arabia to the South-West Region of the Royal Geographical Society in Bath given on 09/11/1998.

370/6/32/2 Letter from Ralph Lawson [30/01/1999] asking H.G.B-P to discuss Gulf affairs.

370/6/32/3 Letter from James Onley [20/08/1998] asking H.G.B-P to discuss his former job as a Political Officer.

370/6/32/4 Letter from John Alexander [undated] on Sudanese archaeology.

370/6/32/5 Photocopy of a draft of chapter one "A historical geography of the lower Persian Gulf and its coastline" from the [as yet unpublished] book Unfinished business : Iran, the UAE, Abu Musa, and the Tunbs, by Richard Schofield.

370/6/33 Green folder containing handwritten notes for a talk on "Islamic fundamentalism - the way of the future", a letter the President of the International Political Association at St. Andrews inviting H.G.B-P to give a lecture to the Association [10/08/2000], and associated material.

370/6/34 Brown envelope containing 18 photographs taken during H.G.B-P's service in the Middle East (several include various dignitaries such as the Shah of Iran, King Hussein of Jordan, the Duke of Edinburgh and Saddam Hussein), plus a copy of H.G.B-P's article on Abu Dhabi from Emirates News for 06/08/1996.

370/6/35 Brown envelope containing 14 photographs, 12 relating to family history, and two to the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies and the associated Centre for Arab Gulf Studies, University of Exeter.

370/6/36 Handwritten copy of the family tree of the Le Neves/Neves.

370/6/37 Two large photographs of the Roman amphitheatre in Amman, Jordan (one dated 1967, one clearly much older, both by Kazarian Studios).

370/6/38 Portfolio of five watercolour sketches and 14 drawings of scenes in the Middle East and Italy by H.G.B-P, together with nine reproductions of watercolour paintings.

370/6/39 Copy of H.G.B-P's autobiography, Bagpipes in Babylon : a lifetime in the Arab world and beyond, (London, Tauris, 2006).
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