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TitleMiscellaneous books, pamphlets and periodicals
DescriptionBox containing various books, pamphlets and periodicals owned by Bidwell, including offprints that were presented to him and publications that relate to his research. These include several offprints and pamphlets by his friend and mentor R.B. Serjeant, such as 'Maritime customary law off the Arabian coasts' (1966), 'Fisher-folk and fish-traps in al-Bahrain' (1968), 'The "White Dune" at Abyan' (1971), 'A fortified tower-house in Wadi Jirdan' (1975), 'Yafi, Zaydis, Al Bu Bakr b. Salim and others: tribes and Sayyids' (1988) and 'Dawlah, Tribal Shaykhs, the Mansab of the Waliyyah Sa'idah, qasamah, in the Fadli Sultanate, South Arabian Federation' (1989),Clive Smith, 'The Sulehid Dynasty in the Yemen' (1980), Ralph Russell, 'Strands of Muslim Identity in South Asia' (1972), Joan Lancaster, 'The Scope and Uses of the India Office Library and Records with particular reference to the Period 1600-1947' (1977), Nevill Barbour, 'England and the Arabs' (1965), John Perry, 'The Banu Ka'b', William Ochsenwald, 'Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Revival' (1981), Susan Skilliter, 'List of Works towards a Bibliography of Current British Turcological Studies' (1977), A.T. Grove and A. Warren, 'Quaternary Landforms and Climate on the South Side of the Sahara' (1968), J. Bynon, 'Riddle Telling among the Berbers of Central Morocco' (1966), Madawi al-Rasheed, 'Political Migration and Downward Socio-Economic Mobility: the Iraqi community in London' (1992), H.T. Norris, 'Shaykh Ma' al-'Aynayn al-Qalqami in the folk-literature of the Spanish Sahara' (1968), Peter Avery, 'Iran: a culture challenged' (1978), James Kirkman, 'John Studdy Leigh in Somalia' (1975), M.S.M. El-Shaafy, 'The Military Organisation of the First Saudi State', P.S. van Koningsveld, 'Snouck Hurgronje alias Abdoel-Ghaffar' (1982), Irfan Shahid, 'On the Martyrs of Najran' (1973), Martin Kramer, 'Shaykh Maraghi's Mission to the Hijaz, 1925' (1982), Hiroshi Tomita, 'The Decline of Legitimacy in Sadat's Egypt, 1979-1981' (1985), Ross Dunn, 'Bu Himara's European Connexion: the commercial relations of a Moroccan warlord' (1980) and 'The Bu Himara Rebellion in Northeastern Morocco' (1981), J.D. Latham, 'The rise of the Azafids of Ceuta' (1982), Jerzy Zdanowski, 'The Society of the Muslim Brothers. A Study of a Political Movement' (1988), Kenneth Brown, 'Histoire Sociale de Sale, 1830-1930' (1971), Richard Hallock, 'The Evidence of the Persepolis Tablets' (Cambridge History of Iran, 1971), John Baldry, 'The Ottoman Quarantine Station on Kamaran Island, 1882-1914' (1978), Annuaire des Arabisants (1983), a 180-page book - probably a pre-publication proof - by Richard Hill, 'Sudan Transport. A History of Railway, Marine and River Services in the Republic of Sudan' (1965), stamped 'Secret and Confidential' on the front cover, issues of the British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies (1992) and The Middle East Journal (1988) containing book reviews by Bidwell, issues of the UCLA Journal of Middle Eastern Studies (1986) and Al-'Arabiyya (1984), a booklet listing 'Doctoral Dissertations on the Middle East, 1958-76', Islamic Development Bank/Islamic Research and Training Institute. First Annual Programme of Research Activities (1403/1982-83), 'Arabies' No.89 (May 1994), a 24-page illustrated typescript by Ivor Wilks and Phyllis Ferguson, 'In Vindication of Sidi Al-Hajj 'Abd al-Salam Shabayni' (1969), Ian Secombe, 'Labour Migration to the Arabian Gulf: Evolution and Characteristics, 1920-1950' (1982), an M.Phil dissertation by Chang Shuh-Ling, 'Kuwait's Foreign Policy: opportunities and limits, 1961-1990' (1991), Notes on Abu Dhabi 1970 (London, 1970), book catalogues from Adab Books and Joppa Books, The Mathaf Gallery catalogue (1983), This is Qatar Issue 14 (1982), Issa Massou, 'Imprecations and Invocations in the Bethlehem District' (1983), Friends of Bir Zeit University Newsletter (Spring/Summer 1994) containing a two page article on Dr Abdul Fattah El-Awaisi (see EUL MS 284) and two issues of the SAS Regiment Journal 'Mars and Minerva' containing Bidwell's articles on 'The Old Moroccan Army' (Summer 1983) and 'The Reformed Moroccan Army 1860-1912', (Autumn 1985).
FormatPrinted material
Access StatusOpen
Creator_NameBidwell; Robin Leonard (1929-1994); Middle East Scholar.
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