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Ref NoEUL MS 389/COR/1/1/1
Alt Ref NoEUL MS 389/2138; EUL MS 389/2139; EUL MS 389/2140; EUL MS 389/2141; EUL MS 389/2142; EUL MS 389/2143; EUL MS 389/2144; EUL MS 389/2145; EUL MS 389/2146; EUL MS 389/2147; EUL MS 389/2148; EUL MS 389/2149; EUL MS 389/2150; EUL MS 389/2151; EUL MS 389/2152; EUL MS 389/2153; EUL MS 389/2154; EUL MS 389/2155; EUL MS 389/2156; EUL MS 389/2157; EUL MS 389/2158; EUL MS 389/2159; EUL MS 389/2160; EUL MS 389/2161; EUL MS 389/2162; EUL MS 389/2163; EUL MS 389/2164
Extent1 bundle
TitleBundle of correspondence, A-B
DescriptionCorrespondents include:

Adam Hamilton
Altomünster [Bridgettine community]
Father Antoine
Helen Atteridge
St Augustine’s Priory (Newton Abbot)
St Augustine’s Abbey (Ramsgate)

F.J. Badcock
L. Mary Baillie
Stock transfer certificates from Bank of England (for Beatrice G. Nevin, T. Westhead and D.M. Foster)
J.P. Begg & Co.
Mother Mary Francis Bellasis (of the Convent of the Holy Child, Harrogate)
G. Bellecocq
Rene Bellemont
Erik Benelius
Father Bergh
J. van den Berk
? Béver (of the Institution Notre Dame)
A. Bétielee (of Notre-Dame des Victoires)
Archbishop of Birmingham, Francis [Joseph Grimshaw]
Henry Norbert Birt
Mary A.K. Blake
Sister Mary Bonaventura of Altomünster [Bridgettine community]
Margaret Bowles
Edith Bowring
St Mary’s Abbey, Buckfast/ Buckfast Abbey
Access StatusOpen
Creator_NameSyon Abbey (1415-2011); Bridgettine
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