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Ref NoEUL MS 389/FIN/6/1
Alt Ref NoEUL MS 389/850; EUL MS 389/851; EUL MS 389/852; EUL MS 389/853; EUL MS 389/854; EUL MS 389/855; EUL MS 389/856; EUL MS 389/857; EUL MS 389/858; EUL MS 389/859; EUL MS 389/860; EUL MS 389/861; EUL MS 389/862; EUL MS 389/863; EUL MS 389/864; EUL MS 389/866; EUL MS 389/867; EUL MS 389/868; EUL MS 389/869; EUL MS 389/870; EUL MS 389/871; EUL MS 389/872; EUL MS 389/873; EUL MS 389/874; EUL MS 389/875; EUL MS 389/876; EUL MS 389/877; EUL MS 389/878; EUL MS 389/879; EUL MS 389/880; EUL MS 389/881; EUL MS 389/882; EUL MS 389/883; EUL MS 389/884; EUL MS 389/885; EUL MS 389/886; EUL MS 389/887; EUL MS 389/888; EUL MS 389/889; EUL MS 389/890; EUL MS 389/891; EUL MS 389/892; EUL MS 389/893
Extent1 folder
TitleCorrespondence relating to financial matters
DescriptionComprises correspondence relating to various financial matters, including: legacies, investments, invoices, inventories, graves, war damage contribution, the National Insurance Act, and the German Reparation Act (1921). It includes correspondence relating to the community's financial matters in Lisbon, including a letter from the Portuguese consulate in Plymouth, the English College in Lisbon, and Manoel Luiz Paes, a solicitor in Lisbon. Also includes a small pencil sketch of 'the Rosary', presumably in the garden at Syon Abbey.
Access StatusOpen
ArrangementOriginal order has been maintained.
Creator_NameSyon Abbey (1415-2011); Bridgettine
DS/UK/287Syon Abbey; 1415-2011; Bridgettine1415-2011
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