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Ref NoEUL MS 403/3/11
TitlePapers relating to the Revolutionary Union of Kurdistan and Kurdish Revolutionary Party
DescriptionPapers and correspondence relating to Yekêtî Sorisgirani Kurdistan (the Revolutionary Union of Kurdistan, a faction within the PUK formed around 1982), al-Hizb al-Thawri al-Kurdistani (the Kurdish Revolutionary Party) and other revolutionary groups.

Documents include a letter from Omar Sheikhmous, Omar Dababa, Fuad Masoum and Kemal Fuad to the Kurdistan Revolutionary Union (February 1983 and their reply (April 1983), a letter from Omar Dababa to the leadership of Kurdistan Revolutionary Union (1984) along with a booklet (1984) and membership booklet (1984), a statement by Kurdistan Revolutionary Union (1985), a letter to Omar Sheikhmous from the Kurdistan Revolutionary Union (1985), Newsletter no. 1 of Yekêtî Sorisgirani Kurdistan (Navend, 1985), letters from the Kurdistan Revolutionary Union to their organization in Europe (1984 and 1985), three press releases - one from 1986, another on the anniversary of the founding of Yekêtî Sorisgirani Kurdistan (1987), and one from 1992 - and a Final Statement of the 1989 meeting of the Revolutionary Union of Kurdistan.

The Constitution and Rules of the al-Thawrah li-Kurdistan al-`Iraq (Kurdish Revolutionary Party), 1964-1965), Final communiqué of the 4th congress of the Kurdish Revolutionary Party (December 1970), a proclamation regarding the 7th congress of al-Hizb al-Thawri al-Kurdistani and its relationship with the KDP (1970, incomplete), a press release from the same party (1971)

There is also a press release in Arabic, 'Harakat al-wahdawiin al-Akrad al-Thawriyah' (Kurdish Unionist revolutionary movement (?), 1985) and five documents relating to the Revolutionaries Union of Kurdistan (2003).
LanguageSorani Kurdish; Arabic
FormatVarious formats
Access StatusOpen
Creator_NameSheikhmous; Omar (1942-)
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