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TitlePapers relating to Komala (Kurdistan Toilers League/Communist Party in Iran)
DescriptionPapers relating to the Komala (Kurdistan Toilers League) and its various factions and international branches. The party was known as Komala of Revolutionary Toilers of Iranian Kurdistan until 1984 when it became the Komala Kurdistan's Organization of the Communist Party of Iran.

Documents include issues no. 125 and 126 of the Komala bulletin Khabar-namah (1965), Document by Komala on Jan Bakhtin (1968), a mini-poster issued by Iranian Communist Party (1969), Issue no. I of the periodical Shorish, organ of the Revolutionary Workers' Party of Iran (Sweden), Issues no 62, 67 and 71 of periodical Sitarah-'i surkh, produced by the Communist Party of Iran (1977-78), Proclamation by Sazman-i Inqilabi-yi Zahmatkishan-i Kurdistan-i Iran (Komala), Issue no. 2, 12 and 22 of Akhbar-i Kurdistan : radiyu-i sida-yi Inqilab-i Iran (1982-83) and several issues (Nos.1-4, 8-9) of their newspaper 'Komala' (1978-81), a small member's booklet (1981), leaflets and booklets produced by the Revolutionary Workers' Party of Iran, Issue no 2 of the periodical Pesrew (Sweden) issued by Komala (1982, several communiqués from Komala Abroad, including one from Yusuf Ardalan, and others on topics such as the peshmerga, Palestine and Sangisar (1983), Poster 'Workers of the World Unite' issued by Supporters of the Communist Party of Iran Abroad - Britain (1983), Poster 'Declaration of the Basic Rights of the Toiling People of Kurdistan' by Komala (1984), an undated Poster entitled 'Long live 8th March' produced by Supporters of Komala Abroad, Issue no. 5 of Newssheet issued by Organisation of Komala Supporters Abroad (Manchester, 1983), a letter by Ibrahiem Alizadeh of Komala to Judith Perera, editor of The Middle East regarding an article on Kurdistan published on 19 April 1983, Internal Letter by Komala organisation in Europe (1984), Communiqué of the Representation of Komala Abroad about the crime of the KDPI in Oramanat (1984), Leaflet of protest against the deportation of Kurds by the Supporters of the Communist Party of Iran Abroad - Britain (1984), 'The October Revolution is Ours' - proclamation by Communist Party of Iran, Committee Abroad (1984), Issue nos. 4-20 of Résumé des Nouvelles issued by the Revolutionary Workers' Party of Iran Abroad, containing numerous press releases on the peshmerga (1985), a press release in Swedish on Olof Palme's murder, issued by the Communist Party of Iran (Komala), Representation Abroad (1986), a press release in English on Iranian women by Communist Party of Iran, the Committee Abroad (1986), an invitation to celebrate the founding of Komala (1987), a statement by the Communist Party of Iran Central Committee on the death of Comrade Jafar Shafi'ee (1987), a small card invitation to celebrate the foundation day of Komala in Stockholm (1987), a compilation of 'recent statements and communiqués of Komala in English' 1988), two single sheet leaflets on political prisoners produced by the Communist Party of Iran Abroad - 'Live aide [sic] for Iran' and 'Sharpeville 6, Evin 1000' (1988), Issue nos. 44 and 48 of the periodical Payam (1989), a letter to Omar Sheikhmous from Komala in Sweden, an undated press release on the conflict between Komala and Iranian forces issued by Representation of Komala Abroad, an interview between Ebrahim Alizadeh and the Voice of the Communist Party of Iran, a leaflet issued by the Iranian Communist Party (1991), a letter to Omar Sheikhmous from Iranian Komala (1992) with various other invitations from the late 1980s and 1990s, a document by Komala Committee of Linköping (1995), photocopies of issue 400 of 'Alay Azadi' issued by Kurdistan Workers' Party and other press articles (2001) and an invitation to Omar Sheikhmous by Komala Party (Stockholm Committee) in 2009.
LanguageSorani Kurdish; Persian; French; English; Swedish;
FormatVarious formats
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Creator_NameSheikhmous; Omar (1942-)
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