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Ref NoEUL MS 403/3/8
TitlePapers relating to the Kurdistan Socialist Party and Socialist International
DescriptionPapers and correspondence relating to the Kurdistan Socialist Party and Socialist International, as well as the Kurdistan Social Democratic Movement and other related groups.

Documents include a declaration by the Kurdistan Social Democratic Movement (1977), a statement by the Kurdistan socialist movement on the anniversary of the uprising in Iraqi Kurdistan (1977), a letter from the Kurdish Socialist Party in Syria to Omar Sheikhmous (1978), various PASOK publications (1984), a single-sheet leaflet published by the Kurdistan Socialist Party in Iraq (1984), a common declaration by Bahreini liberation front and Kurdistan socialist party of Iraq (1984), a news bulletin by the Kurdistan Democratic Union (1986), a leaflet 'Reya Yeketiye' for the Democratic Union of Kurdistan (1987), various papers relating to the Kurdistan Socialist Party of Iraq, including Vol. 1, no. 1 of party organ Peyamî Birayetî (1986), a pamphlet 'Rebazi-Lawan' published by the Kurdistan Socialist Party in Iraq (1986) and three copies of their newspaper 'Regay Azadi' (1985, 1986, 1988), two papers issued by the Union of Socialist Youths of Kurdistan (1985, 1986), a small card about an 'In Memorian' meeting for Azad Mustafa organised by Kurdish Socialist Party (PASOK) & SOKSE (1989), issues no 47/48/49 of Surîn issued by the Kurdish Socialist Party, Silemani Branch (1989), a 'Resolution on the Middle East' put to a Socialist International council meeting (1991), Issue no. 1 of Yekgirtin, Organ of the Kurdish Socialist Party (PASOK) (May 1992), a joint press release by the Kurdish Socialist Party, Europe Branch and PASOK (1992), a press release about elections by the Kurdish Socialist Party (1992), an invitation by the Socialist Party of Kurdistan to Omar Sheikhmous (1992), a 1995 press release by Kurdish Socialist Party (PASOK), a press release by Partîya Yekîtîya Sosyalîstên Kurdistan (PYSK) from 1997 and an undated circular letter (in English) issued by the Solidarity Committee of the Kurdish Revolution (C.S.R.K.), France, with a list of members.

The folder also includes an undated notice of a meeting in Stockholm organised by the Kurdish Socialist Party, an undated handwritten note [by Omar Sheikhmous?] listing two possible resolutions by SI [Socialist International?] and an undated draft document issued by the XXIII Congress of the Socialist International on 'Working for a World in Peace' with handwritten annotations by Sheikhmous, a communication by Kurdish political parties from Iran, Turkey and Iraq participating in this Congress (2008), two copies of a Statement (in English) given by Jalal Talabani to Socialist International conference in Athens (2008) with an Address by the President of Socialist International George Papandreou to the Athens conference (2008)

There are also some papers relating to al-Hizb al-Ishtiraki al-Kurdistani - 'Iraq (The Kurdistan Socialist Party- Iraq, or KSP-I) including a press release by Dengî Sorisi Êraq on the KSP-I (1981), an official proclamation (1984), Military bulletin no. 87 (1987), the last three pages of a four-page document issued in 1988, an A4 poster proclaiming solidarity with Kurdistan Front (1988), a poster on the death of Ehmed Mihemed Emin, by Kurdish Socialist Party, Kirkuk Branch (1988), various press releases including one from 1989 on the expulsion of people from Qalat Dizah, and a letter on behalf of 'Dengî Sorrsi Êraq' (the Kurdish Socialist organ, Voice of the Revolution in Iraq) handwritten in Sorani Kurdish (February 1982).
LanguageSorani Kurdish; English; French; Arabic;
FormatVarious formats
Access StatusOpen
Creator_NameSheikhmous; Omar (1942-)
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