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TitlePapers relating to the Iraqi Communist Party and other Communist groups
DescriptionPapers relating to the Iraqi Communist Party, as well as some other documents about Communist parties in the region.

Documents include a single sheet publication and four newspapers (one of them photocopied) from the ICP Central Command (1976), a Call to arms from leadership of the Iraqi Marxist-Leninist Party (1978), two proclamations by the Iraqi Communist Party, one about a brotherly pact with the Kurds the other about the 13th anniversary of the founding of the Baath Party (1978), a photocopy of a report by the Iraqi Communist Party 'Siyanat al-tahaluf al-watani wa-ta`miq al-masirah al-thawriyah' (1978), Issues no 101-105 of ICP journal 'Risalat al-Iraq' (1979-80), three ICP proclamations (1981), an Appeal for support by Iraqi Communist Party (1982), a statement by 'Talib `Iraqi' on the position taken by the Egyptian Communist Party on Kurdistan (1983), two copies of the photocopied first page of the Arabic 'Sawt al-Shaghilah newspaper' (1982), a statement by 'Talib `Iraqi on the position taken by the Egyptian Communist Party on Kurdistan (1983), open letters and statements in French and Arabic by the PUK regarding relations with the Iraqi Communist Party (1981, 1983) along with a press release on an agreement between the PUK and the Iraqi Communist Party (1987) and two copies of an undated document dealing with relations between the KDP and the Iraqi Communist Party.

Copy of vol. 45, no 9 of newspaper Tariq al-shab (1981), a photocopy of no. 11 (year 2) of newspaper Rêyazi Pêshmerge (1981), a copy of no. 5 and no.11 of periodical 'Risalat al-Iraq' (1982), vol. 47, no 1 of Tariq al-shab (1982), vol. 3, no 2 of Nahj al-Ansar (1982), Issue no 5 of Nashrat al-i'lam (1982), Vol. 1, no. 1 of al-Nidal (1982), Photocopy of six pages from nos. 22-23 periodical 'Risalat al-Iraq' (1984), Copy of no. 47 and no. 55 of 'Risalat al-Iraq' (1985), vol. 51, no 2 of Tariq al-shab (1985), copy of issues no. 2 and 3 of newspaper al-Mushtarik issued by the Iraqi Communist Party (1988), Vol.1, nos.3 and 4 (1989) and Vol. 2, no. 5 of the journal Sadá al-qa'idah (1989), Vol. 47, no. 4 of al-Mushtarak (1990), Vol. 1, nos. 5 and 6 of al-Nashrah al-ikhbariyah (1997) issued by the Iraqi Communist Workers Party outside Iraq, along with one of their press releases (1997), Vol. 56, no. 16 of Tariq al-shab (1991), a copy of issue no. 10 of Communist newspaper Alay Soris (1991), Issues No. 7 (1989) and 1 and 2 (1990) of Rêgay Kurdistan.

Declaration in French by the Iraqi Communist Pary concerning two French engineers (1981), a broadcast by the Iraqi Communist Party on Sawt al-Sha`b al-`Iraqi (1982),an undated declaration by Akel (Cypriot Communist Party) on human rights violations in Iraq, a joint communiqué in Persian by the Tudeh Party of Iran and Iraqi Communist Party (1984), a joint press release by Kurdish Socialist Party, Iraqi Communist Party, Kurdish Democratic Party (1986), a press release by Iraqi Communist Party (1986), invitations to Omar Sheikhmous and others to attend events organised by the Iraqi Communist Party in Sweden (1990-92), a letter to the Secretaries-General of the Arab League and UN from the Iraqi Communist Party (1991), appeals and press releases, a series of declarations about withdrawal from Kuwait and the subsequent Gulf War (1990-91) and other press releases, an article on communism in Kurdistan from Rêgay Kurdistan (1992), an article by Sa`di Yusuf, entitled 'al-Tariq ila Kurdistan' from Tariq al-sha'b (1992), a photocopy of articles 'Mudhakkirah ila al-Rafiq Khalid Bakkash' (Nidal al-Sha`b, 1992) and two undated typescript articles in Arabic by ICP activist `Amir `Abd Allah - 'al-Fidiraliyah wa-al-nizam al-fidirali' and 'Muqtarahat wa-afkar li-mu`alajat azmat al-naqd wa-wad` al-suq fi Kurdistan'.

There are also seven documents relating to the Workers Communist Party (WCPI), including a press release by WCPI Abroad [Workers Communist Party of Iraq] on the imminent entry of Iranian forces into Kurdistan (1995), a WCPI press release (1995), a commemoration of Mihemed Helaq by the Workers Communist Party of Iraq (1995), a press release by the Workers Communist Party of Iraq about a demonstration in Sulaymaniyah (1995), a statement by WCPI, Worker-Communist Party of Iraq (Sweden) from 1996, a press release in Sorani Kurdish by the Workers Communist Party of Iraq on repression in Iraqi Kurdistan (1996) and a press release in English by the Workers Communist Party of Iran on repression in Iraqi Kurdistan (1996).
LanguageSorani Kurdish; Arabic; Persian; English; French
FormatVarious formats
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Creator_NameSheikhmous; Omar (1942-)
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