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Ref NoEUL MS 403/4/11
TitlePamphlets and political material
DescriptionFolder of Pamphlets and political material including a single sheet from the Organization of the Socialist party of Kurdistan in Sweden (1987), a Swedish leaflet against death sentences in Turkey (1987), single sheet leaflets published by the Bahoz organisation (1970-71), a leaflet from the Swedish-Kurdish Workers Association (1977), a black and white poster protesting against Baathist bombing of Kurds - from a painting by Jamal Bekhtyar - published by the Association of Kurdish workers in Europe (1976), an Announcement of a demonstration in Stockholm in support of the Kurdish people with a handmade poster (1974), a protest against execution of political prisoners in Iran (1976), a statement on peace in Kurdistan by Komisiona Asîtî yê le Swêd/ Peace Commission of Sweden (2000), along with a press release on a peace congress in Kurdistan by the Peace Commission of Sweden (with Omar Sheikhmous), a Swedish translation (with English versions) of 'Report to all governments in the West from Masoud Barzani' and other letters requesting aid (1991), posters announcing demonstrations in Stockholm in memory of assassinated Iranian Communist leader Sedigh Kamangar (1989), calls from Kurdish organisations in Sweden for respect for human rights (1988), Handwritten notes [by Sheikhmous?] of names, addresses and phone numbers of Swedes, Large poster produced by the Svenska Kurdkommittén i Uppsala (1989) another poster on the Seminarium om Kurderna och Kurdistan and a poster announcing demonstration in Stockholm for Ja`far Shafi`i of the Iranian Communist Party, an undated telegram to 'Hungerstrikers of the PUK' from the Iranian Student Union in Sweden, a Kurdish leaflet issued by Nytt Sätt att Beräkna Socialbidrag, Press release by Isveç-Kürt Isçi Dernegi = Svensk-Kurdiska Arbetarföreningen (1978), Document proposing a socialist Kurdistan issued by Kommunistiska Arbetarförbundet with a press release, a programme of events - with poster and leaflet - to mark the 21th anniversary of Necemettin Buyukkaya (2009), Issue 1 of Asti newspaper (Stockholm, 1983), Fax by Committee for the Defence of the Kurdish Nation, Sweden (1994), Document produced by the Kurdish National Parliament, Swedish Office (1994), a small poster advertising a demonstration in Stockholm in support of the Kurds (1985), Pre-printed postcard by the Kurdistan Committee asking the Swedish government to stop arms sales to Iran, Issue of CIS, published by Fidirasyun-i Muhassalin va Danishjuyan-i Irani dar Suwayd/Iranska Studenters Federation i Sverige (1977), Single-sheet typescript handout on the Kurds by Kommittén för Kurdernas Frihet, Stockholm, an undated notice of a May day demonstration by Vänsterpartiet [Party of the Left], a press release by the [Swedish] Social Democrats on Socialist International and the Kurds (1991), Questions to the Swedish Parliament on Kurds by Ingbritt Irhammar with background notes, a copy of two motions to the the Swedish Parliament on the Kurds of Iraq by Berith Eriksson and Ingela Mårtensson (1993), a compilation of photocopied articles from Kurdish newspapers entitled KDP-Sweden Archive (1994), a Turkish press release by the Kurdish Partîya Pêseng a Karkerî Kurdistan (PPKK) from 1988, Document including signatures of members of the Rawêj Committee (including Omar Sheikhmous, 1988), a Swedish press release about support for the PKK by Kurdish organisations (1993), an invitation to Sheikhmous to attend a meeting about the PKK organised by YRWK = Yekîtîya Rewsenbîrên Welatparêzên Kurdistanê - Swêd (1993), a notice issued by Komela Pizîkanî Kurdistan le Swêd with their Constitution and a handwritten addition by Mohammad Rahimi (Västerås) in both Kurmanji and Sorani Kurdish versions (1988), a Swedish issue of Rapport no. 1, week 26 of Kurdistan Review issued by the Kurdish National Parliament (1993), a document produced by the Kurdish National Parliament for the Swedish Foreign Ministry (1993), Press release by Stöd Kommittén För Syriska Kurder (Bromma, Sweden), a blank sheet of headed notepaper for Kurdistans Förening i Uppsala, Swedish and Kurmanji Kurdish version of a press release by a committee representing the Swedish branches of 11 Kurdish political parties (1987-88), two copies of an open letter (one in Kurmanji Kurdish, the other in Swedish) about armed conflict in Kurdistan signed by Kurds living in Sweden including Sheikhmous, issue No.57 of Swedish Komala publication Jahan-e-Emrouz (2001), the text of a speech on Tevger delivered to the 18th Congress of Socialist International in Stockholm (1988) with a small poster for a Tevger support meeting
LanguageKurmanji Kurdish; Sorani Kurdish; Swedish; English; Turkish;
FormatVarious formats
Access StatusOpen
Creator_NameSheikhmous; Omar (1942-)
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