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TitleCultural events and material
DescriptionFolder containing a variety of publicity materials, published information and other papers relating to Kurdish cultural events being held in Sweden, including a bound programme for a seminar on the Kurdish language (1998), a plastic folder of correspondence and notes on the Kurdish Teachers Union in Sweden (1989), a programme for Newroz celebrations in Stockholm (1986), a bound folder of conference documents on bilingualism ['Dokumentation från tvåspråkighet i focus'] Folkets Hus, Stockholm (2000), an undated typescript draft in Swedish of a talk on the Kurds (by Omar Sheikhmous?), a seminar on the Kurds in Sweden with Omar Sheikhmous (n.d.), Notes on a meeting of the Kommitten för Stiftelsen Mehmed Uzun in Solna (attended by Sheikhmous, 2008), leaflet for the Kurdisk kultur- & litteraturvecka, an invitation to a seminar on Kurdish literary culture by Amir Hasanpur (1996), a booklet to accompany a cultural event in Stockholm organised by Shahrazad, Stories for Life, consisting of six short stories, three by Kurdish authors and three by Swedish authors (n.d), a handout for Kurdish theatre performance in Sweden (1985), a promotional leaflet of books published by Wesanxana Çanda Kurdî / Kurdiska Kulturförlaget in Stockholm (ca.1985), a photocopy of a leaflet advertising books available at Wesanên Haykurd, Spånga, Sweden (1988), a leaflet advertising the documentary film Welatê Me / Hemland Kurdistan (1983), a copy of a handwritten leaflet advertising cultural events organised by the Kurdiska Solidaritetskommitten (n.d.), two leaflets advertising 'Zozan', a Kurdish film for children (1986), a proposal for a documentary TV programme on the Kurdish heritage - 'Det kurdiska arvet' (1991), an advertisment for the printer and graphic designer Zagros Media, Göteborg (n.d), a collection of short Kurdish folklore tales (n.d), a plastic wallet containing a programme for a conference on the Kurds with handwritten notes [by Sheikhmous] in the handout on Newroz and a poem 'Ey reqib' on the reverse (1987), Brochure advertising posters on Kurdish subject by Scandinavian Enterprise (Östersund, n.d.), a project for a documentary film entitled 'Waiting' on Kurds and Kurdish music by Taymour Patai with Patai's CV (1993), a booklist Kitab-i Arzan/Nemats Billiga Böcker with supplement (n.d), three leaflets about the first three issues of the periodical Çarçira (1986), a booklet to accompany a poetry event in Sundsvall (1988), a list of participants at a congress in Örebro (1999), various papers relating to a conference in Gothenberg on Swedish-Kurdish dialogue on peace and self-determination, including a conference programme, list of participants (such as Omar and Agneta Sheikhmous, Hassan Ghazi and Hewa Cardoi), questionnaire, background paper and a photocopied report in Turkish from the newspaper Özgür Politika (1999), a programme and invitation to attend an exhibition 'Kurdistans ljus' in the Central Library, Eskilstuna (1994), a PUK card advertising cultural events such as folk music and dancing, a notice of a memoral meeting in Stockholm for Osman Sebrî (1993), an invitation to Sheikhmous to attend a meeting celebrating the centenary of the birth of Celadet Bedirxan (1993), a description of the Kurdish documentary film 'Våra berg är våra enda vänner' by its director Mahmut Baksi (1988), brochure (1990) for the Kurdish film 'Nêrgiz bûkî Kurdistan' [Nergiz bride of Kurdistan] directed by Jaafer Ali/ Ja`far `Ali `Abbas with a poster for its screening in Stockholm (1993), a poster for the film 'En Sång för Beko' [A Song for Beko] directed by Nizamettin Ariç (1992) with details of three screenings in Stockholm, a short undated paper in Sorani Kurdish on Kurdish and Swedish newspapers, an anonymous and undated article in Kurmanji Kurdish about journalists in Sweden, a leaflet 'Ett svensk kulturarv om Kurder' by Rohat Alakom (2000), details the launch of a Turkish Kurdish dictionary compiled by Mehmet Tanrikulu & published in Stockholm by Podium (1999), an advert for a talk by Salim Barakat in Kulturhuset, Stockholm (2000?), a programme of a conference on Kurdish women in Sweden (1988), notice of a documentary on the Kurds by the Vänsterpartiet with annotation by Sheikhmous (2006), two posters for a Kurdish book exhibition, Stockholm (1996), a brochure advertising books by M. Emîn Bozarslan (ca.1995), an advert for the opening of a Kurdish art exhibition in Vällingby (1995), an advert for a public discussion beteen Omar Sheikhmous and Welat Songür in Stockholm (n.d.)., Questionnaire produced by Resul `Ewla of Gothenberg University (n.d), Documents relating to a Kurdish Institute in Stockholm (1996), a ticket for a meeting in memory of Yilmaz Güney held in Solna (Stockholm), a poster for an exhibition of Kurdish books in Stockholm with Salim Barakat (1998), notice of two new books published in 1998 by Wesanen APEC (?erefname & Kürt Teavvün ve Terakki Cemiyetî ve Gazetesî), a list of names and addresses of Kurdish publishers in Sweden withj a list of subsidised Kurdish titles published in Sweden (1989), a leaflet advertising the opening of an art exhibition in Stockholm by Sho Fujiwara & (Kurdish artist) Medhat Ali (1992), an invitation to Omar Sheikhmous to attend an event organised by Dostani Jingey Kurdistan = Kurdistans Miljö Vänner (n.d.), Programme for the Kurdish youth festival (1999), three copies of a postcard to Swedish Radio requesting broadcasts in Kurdish (n.d.) and some papers relating to the Swedish Centre for P.E.N., the World Association of Writers, including a handwritten statement by Sheikhmous on Rafik Saber's book 'Berew Meju' for the Swedish Writers Union, two documents about support for the periodical Medya Gunesi
LanguageSwedish; Kurmanji Kurdish; Sorani Kurdish; English;
FormatVarious formats
Access StatusOpen
Creator_NameSheikhmous; Omar (1942-)
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