RepositorySpecial Collections Archives (GB 0029)
Ref NoEUL MS 403/4/2
TitlePapers relating to Kurdiska Riksförbundet
DescriptionPapers relating to Kurdiska Riksförbundet [National Association for Kurds], formerly known as Federasyona Komelên Kurdistanê le Swêdê.

Copy of magazine 'Kurderna: det förbjudna folket' (1991?), press releases about Sami Abdurahman,`Ebdulrehman Qasemlo and Ebdulla Qadirî (1989), a programme and other papers from the 8th Congress of Federasyona Komelên Kurdistanê le Swêdê (1988) including a letter about the congress written by Heseni Qazi to Omar Sheikhmous (1988), notice of a Kurdish folk dancing event organised by Kurdiska Riksförbundet (1988), a programmes of events, reports on activities - including a 'Report on activities for 1988 of Yekîtîya Ciwanên Kurd li Swêdê with financial report for 1988' - financial reports and correspondence, publicity material on cultural events including folk-dance evenings, a meeting on the poetry of Cîgerxwîn, screening of the films 'Aso' and En Sång för Beko / Klamak ji bo Beko (N. Ariç,1993), seminars, discussion of political topics such as Turkish politics and the Kurds, joint meetings between Kurdiska Riksförbundet and the KDP in Iran Abroad or other political groups, an invitation and programme for the Kurdish Youth Conference (1989), constitutional documents, a programme for the 10th Congress of Kurdiska Riksförbundet with copies of numerous reports on different topics including refugees, regional groups and the cultural magazine Berbang (1990), meetings about Medet Serhat (1994), Izedîn Mistefa Resûl (1995) and Kurds and disability (1996), details of Newroz celebrations, conferences and protest meetings or marches, notices - with a colour poster showing a poster of dancing Kurds in historic costume - for a meeting in memory of the Republic of Mahabad in Stockholm (1997), a press release with details of a protest meeting in Stockholm to mark the 75th anniversary of the Turkish Republic (1998), information about the Swedish election in 1998 including a list of Kurdish candidates
LanguageKurmanji Kurdish; Sorani Kurdish; Swedish;
FormatVarious formats
Access StatusOpen
Creator_NameSheikhmous; Omar (1942-)
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