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TitlePapers relating to other Iraqi and Kurdish student groups
DescriptionPapers relating to other Iraqi and Kurdish student groups, with documents including a single sheet leaflet by a Syrian Kurdish students association in Sweden (1982), a letter to Omar Sheikhmous from Tekoser, a Kurdish students union in Belgium (1989), a letter to Sheikhmous from the Kurdish Students Aid Committee in London (1984) with an undated leaflet, a declaration addressed to Syrian Kurdish students in Europe from the Progressive Syrian Kurdish Students, Final statement of the extraordinary meeting of the [Association of] Kurdish Students in Hungary (1978), a four-page open letter issued by the Kurdish students in Hanover (1978), a draft resolution on the Kurds published by the Australian Union of Students (1977), a press release by al-Ittihad al-`Amm lil-Talabah al-al-Dimuqratiyin [fi al-`Iraq] (1977), Press release by Komela Xwendekarên Kurdistana Sûriyê, Swedish Branch (n.d.), a statement by International Union of Students (Prague) on Iraqi Kurdistan (1963), a letter from Omar Sheikhmous to Elon Ahlbäck on behalf of the Kurdish Students Society in Stockholm (1970), a photocopy of a of handwritten letter to Kurdish students in Poland (1970), a press release in Turkish by Kurdish students (1970), Handout by Kurdish Students' Society in Sweden about the Kurdish national struggle (n.d.). various papers relating to Newroz celebrations by the Kurdish Students' Society in Sweden, including Sheikhmous' annotations to a typed handout and an announcement signed by Amir Ghazi (1973), an information sheet about Kurdish Students' Society in Sweden, with a handwritten list of members on the back (1970), various handouts from the Kurdish Students' Society in Sweden covering topics such as the Kurdish national struggle and expressing solidarity with nationalist movements (n.d), a report of the 5th Congress of Ittihad Talabat Kurdistan al-Iraq (1966), a inal communiqué of their 7th congress (1972), an appeal by students by the Iraqi Progressive Student Front, responding to a recent Iraqi goverment resolution on Iraqi students (1975), a press release by Rêkxirawey Dimukratey Kurdistaniyekan (1964), statements on human rights (1967) and fascism (1975) from Ittihad Talabat Kurdistan al-Iraq, a statement by al-Jabhah al-Tullabiyah al-Kurdistaniyah al-Taqaddumiyah fi Urubba (1975), Appeal for support against Iranian regime by Association of Kurdish Students, Stockholm (1976), various statements on the Kurds in Turkey, as well as attacks on Kurds in Bucharest and by the Iranian regime, issued by the Association of Kurdish Students, Swedish Branch (1976), Appeal by Kurdish and Arab students on hunger strike in the Iraqi Embassy in London (1976), Proclamations by the Progressive Front of Syrian Kurds in Europe and the Organisation of Progressive Kurdish Students in Europe (1976), Appeal by the Kurdistan Students Union, Iraq (1975), Call for action by the Iraqi Progressive Student Front (1975), Appeal to Arab student organisations by Ittihad Talabat Kurdistan al-Iraq (1975), An appeal to Kurdish students by the KDP in Europe on the occasion of the 12th congress (1967) and other KDP addresses to students (1965-70), Year 1, issue 2 of 'Sadá al-Thawrah fi Urubba' issued by al-Talabah al-Akrad al-Muwahhadun li Siyasat al-Thawrah wa-Qiyadatuha (1966?), German and Arabic versions of a two-page document addressed to students at Salah al-Din University in Irbil excluding them for not undertaking military exercises (1984), a proclamation by Komeley Xwêndkaranî Kurdistan (n.d), a statement on Iraqi school and university policy by the Vereinigung der Studenten Kurdistans im Ausland (n.d.), Statement by Society of Iraqi students in the UK in response to NUS statement about the activities of the Iraqi Embassy (1982), Press release by Vereinigung Irakischer Studenten in der Bundesrepublik und in West-Berlin / Union of Iraqi Students in the Federal Republic of Germany (1983),
LanguageKurmanji Kurdish; Sorani Kurdish; English; German; Arabic; Swedish;
FormatVarious formats
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Creator_NameSheikhmous; Omar (1942-)
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