RepositorySpecial Collections Archives (GB 0029)
Ref NoEUL MS 403/6/1
TitlePapers relating to Voice of America
DescriptionFile of papers relating to Voice of America, where Omar Sheikhmous worked from 2001 to 2007, first as Senior Editor and then as Service Chief of the Kurdish Service.

Documents include two articles on Sheikhmous and his appointment to VOA in Kurdistani Niwe (2001), an email from Stefan Hjerten to OS about Sheikhmous's appointment to a post at Voice of America (2001), a photograph of the Kurdish Service staff on their 10th anniversary (2002), a script in Sorani Kurdish of a VOA talk by Sheikhmous (2002), a letter from Fred Dombo (solicitor for KDP USA) to VOA director Robert Reilly accusing VOA of partisan reporting in its coverage of the KDP (2002), highlights of an interview with Jalal Talabani (2002), a transcript in Sorani Kurdish of an interview between Sheikhmous and Peter Galbraith (2003), a script of questions in Kurmanji Kurdish used in a VOA interview between Sheikhmous and Olivier Roy [nd,], a pamphlet on the Near East and Cantral Asia Division of Voice of America (including a section on the Kurdish service, ca. 2004), a Programme guide (December 2004-April 2005), VOA press releases, invitations to the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner (2005),an action plan (2006), the text in Kurmanju Kurdish of a VOA interview between Sheikhmous and Abdul Halim Khaddam, former vice president of Syria (2006), an e-mail from David Jackson, chief of VOA, praising Sheikhmous' work on this interview (2006), discussion of Sheikhmous' visit to Iraqi Kurdistan and his research into radio listeners' habits (2007), two VOA e-mails and a programme for an event at the White House, attended by Sheikhmous, for the dedication of a memorial to the victims of Communism (2007), a 4-page history of the VOA in Sorani Kurdish (2007), Sheikhmous' notes for a staff meeting (2007), details of Sheikhmous' resignation and farewell reception (2007), a language service review (2008), an advert for his successor (2007), a report on the Voice of Russia's new Kurdish Service (2008), an article by Sheikhmous in Voice of America on a Swedish conference on Iraq (2008), and e-mail and written correspondence between Sheikhmous and various VOA staff, guests and interviewees including Professor Sadedin Ibrahim, Birusk Tugan, Sahin Alpay, Alison Azer, Corry Schiermeyer, Wiriya Rawenduzy, Serbaz Siabend, Hege Ekeland, Towe Matre, Dr Kamal Said Kadir, Abdulqadir Xelef, Celil Kaya, Nasser Rezzazi).

See also the audio cassette recordings of Voice of America broadcasts and interviews at EUL MS 403/7/3/4
LanguageSorani Kurdish; Kurmanji Kurdish; English
FormatVarious formats
Access StatusOpen
Creator_NameSheikhmous; Omar (1942-)
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