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TitleGeneral human rights material and lists of Anfal victims
DescriptionTwo boxes containing 1) four folders of lists of Kurdish victims of the Anfal campaign - three folders for men and women and a yellow folder listing children separately - compiled by the Committee to Defend the Rights of the Victims of the Anfal, and providing dates and locations for each name, where known (1993)

General material - reports and documentation - on human rights issues in Kurdistan. These include a report on a 1974-75 visit to Kurdistan by the International Director of War on Want (1975), a leaflet requesting aid for Kurdish refugees and children in northern Iraq (Aktion Mahmura, 1998), a fax from the Centrum av skydd för mänskliga rättigheter i Kurdistan (Farsta, Stockholm) in Sorani Kurdish (2000), two documents issued by Svenska kommittén för kurdernas mänskliga rättigheter [Swedish Committee for Kurdish Human Rights], an open letter from the Minister of Humanitarian Aid and Cooperation, KRG (1994), a foreword to a report on human rights abuses in Iraqi Kurdistan (report not included) by Shorish Mustafa Rasool (1989), a press release by the KDP on Iraqi chemical attacks on several villages in Arbil provice (1988), two copies of a PUK statement on 'alarming and very serious violations of human rights in Iraqi Kurdistan' (1985), an open letter on democracy and human rights on Iraq from a group of Arab and Kurdish signatories (see original in EUL MS 403/7/6/1), a list of names of those killed in the chemical attack by Iraqi forces in the village of Sheikh Wasan (1987), an EU resolution on chemical weapons with a PUK press release and a declaration by the Swedish government on the same (1988), a condemnation of human rights abuses against Kurds by Arab students at the University of Zagreb (1987), an open letter on hunger strikes in Turkish prisons from the Union of Turkish Progressives in Britain / Ingiltere Türkiyeli Ilericiler Birligi (1983), an eyewitness report in German about the imprisonment of 300 Kurdish children in Iraq (1986), a photocopied protest by four Danish political parties agains the use of chemical weapons against the Kurds (1987), two photocopied letters in Danish from Axel Aller of Danchurchaid to Elin Clason with an attachment (English) about the situation in Kirkuk (1991), a report on Sedik Hospital in Diana [Soran] in Iraqi Kurdistan (n.d.), a List of documents for International Architects Designers Planners for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IADPPNW) Executive Committee meeting including 'Urgent appeal on behalf of the Kurdish people' by Jalal Talabani (1988), four issues of 'Kurdistan News: news about human-rights violations in Kurdistan' (January - April 1993), Text of a telegram from Professor Kamal Majid of Cardiff on Iraq's use of chemical weapons (1986), a confidential typed report in Swedish for Omar Sheikhmous drawn up by Lars-Gunnar Eriksson and outlining plans for possible disaster assistance for Kurdish refugees (1988), proceedings of the Swedish parliament (1989/90) with pages marked by Sheikhmous regarding discussion of Kurdish cases, two typed documents from the High Administrative Committee for Refugees Headquarters - and an additional document from the Swedish Red Cross - reporting on Iraqi Kurdish refugees in Iran (1989), a compilation of 'medico reports' by observers in Kurdistan, beginning with 'Kurdistan: the smell of hunger and the fear of the bio-bomb' by Milena Ergen and containing other reports of visits to Halabja, the Dokan valley, Qala Dize, towns villages and refugee camps (1989-90), a research questionnaire for Kurds regarding their attitudes towards borders and division (n.d.), two copies of a US Congress report on human rights in Iraq (1986), with two others on Iraq and Turkey (1990), 'The Kurds - a people denied a voice in the international arena' (3 page typescript, n.d.), two leaflets on 'First Assembly of the Fourth World' (1981), an undated leaflet by the KDP Swedish Branch on the treatment of Kurds in Iraq (in Swedish), two copies of a Message from Abdullah Ocalan to the International Seminar of the Norwegian Institute of Human Rights (1995), a compilation of documents relating to 'Court Actions, Trials and Offensives against the HRA [Human Rights Association, Istanbul = Insan Haklari Dernegi] (ca.1995), The legal and actual status of the Kurds with respect to domestic and international law, a 7-page typed appeal appeal by Iraqi refugees in Latvia (1995), an undated Declaration by Abdallah Ocalan on behalf of the PKK to the ICRC (Red Cross), Press release by the International Association for Human Rights of the Kurds - IMK Weekly Information Service - on Turkey (1998), an Arabic memorandum on fatal attacks on Kurds (1988), a photocopied letter from KDP Chairman Mustafa Barzani to Donald Fraser, Chair, International Organizations, US House of Representatives, with an accompanying report on 'Violations of Kurdish human rights in Iraq' (1977), a typed appeal in Italian to international organisations concerning human rights violations in Iraqi Kurdistan (n.d.), List of damaged, burnt and destroyed Kurdish villages in Iraq (1977), a PUK document on human rights abuses in Iraq (1977), an information sheet about the Kurdish charity NSEH in which Serko Bekes was involved (n.d.), an article in Swedish by Olof G. Tandberg on human rights in Kurdistan (1976), photocopied correspondence between the International commission of Jurists and Ismet Vanly accompanying a questionnaire about discrimination against minorities (1973), an Arabic list of victims (n.d.), three sheets from the Human Rights Data Bank (n.d.), a group of faxed documents about the abduction of Dr Sa'di Barzani, including two letters by Human Rights Watch, a report in the newspaper al-Wasat, and a PUK press release (1995), a memorandum from six Kurdish organizations to the International Court of Justice (1999), issue no.26 of 'Human Rights', a periodical issued by the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights in Iraq (1993), a draft report in English by Viola Furubjelke & Omar Sheikhmous on 'Iraqi Kurdistan - a study in genocide' (1991), an Application of universally accepted human rights on the situation in the areas inhabited by the Kurds: intervention by Asbjorn Eide (1995), two documents in Swedish relating to Kurdish refugees and medical needs (1989, 1992), a report from Helsinki Watch about a massacre in SE Turkey including a message to President Ozal (1990), correspondence about Kurdish refugees from the International Rescue Committee (1977), a letter from Byron Dorgan of the US Congress to Abdul Mustafa about the plight of Iraqi Kurds (1982), a resolution on the Kurdish question issued by the Sozialdemokratische Partei Niederösterreich (1981), an email from Saren Azer to Omar Sheikhmous reporting on his humanitarian mission to Iraqi Kurdistan (2007), Issue 5 vol. 5 of Middle East Watch on Iraq: background on human rights conditions (1993), a paper on "The Human rights situation in Iran, Syria and Iraq" by Helene Støversten, Erik Sauer & Gunnar M. Karlsen (1994), a photocopied chapter on 'Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan' from Human Rights Watch World Report [2002], a booklet published by Indict: the International Campaign to Indict Iraqi War Criminals (1997), A Primary Report on the Sumood-Gejnikan Survey, translated from the original Arabic report to the KRG authorities (1993), Kurdistan Revisited report (1993), Facts about Kurdish Refugees from Iraq in Turkey (1989), four pages of information in Swedish on refugee camps in Turkey (1989), a four page educational document in Swedish about Kurdish refugees entitled 'To the Teacher' (1989?), a photocopied dossier of presscuttings and photographs documenting genocide in Kurdistan, including material in Swedish, German and English (PUK, 1988) and a list of Kurdish victims in Sorani Kurdish, from an online prinout out reproducing facsimile pages from an original document (Kurdistan.Net, 2007).
LanguageKurdish; Arabic; English; Swedish; Italian; German; Danish
FormatVarious formats
Access StatusOpen
Creator_NameSheikhmous; Omar (1942-)
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